Grade 3 English Practice Test | LND Practice Test Class 3

Grade 3 English Practice Test | LND Practice Test Class 3

Mastering English Grammar is critical for everybody who wants to write down and speak confidently. Whether you’re preparing for general test, such as NTS, PPSC, FPSC, GAT, ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, or writing an important paper like a school admission essay or covering letter for employment application. These English practice tests will help to improve your understanding English grammar and writing skills.

These English practice tests will help you: Understand parts of speech, use correct punctuation, tenses, avoid common grammar mistakes and write clearly and directly.

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Students Learning Outcomes | English Practice Test

  • Comprehension Practice Test
  • Punctuation Practice Test
  • Singular and Plural Practice Test
  • English Digraph Practice Test
  • Common and Proper Noun Practice Test
  • Capitalization Practice Test
  • A, An and The Practice Test
  • Is, Am, Are Practice Test
  • Action Words Practice Test
  • Spelling Words Practice Test
  • SV (subject and verb) and SVO (subject, verb, object) Practice Test
  • Correct form of Verbs Practice Test
  • Preposition Practice Test
  • Articulate Initial Blend Practice Test
  • Trigraph Practice Test
  • Adjective Practice Test
  • Has and Have Practice Test
  • I, We and You Practice Test
  • Identify Object Practice Test
  • Alphabetical Order Practice Test
  • Complete Series Practice Test
  • Capital and Small Practice Test
  • Mix SLOs Practice Test

Available English Practice Tests

Here are some available English Practice Tests that are developed under knowledgeable supervision. Let’s check these practice tests and inform and guide us for upcoming coming practice tests. English Practice Tests are made in Microsoft Word 2016 and provided in PDF format. Students, Teachers and Parents can download these papers and make print for practice. Tests are multiple choice questions. Two out of three are wrong options and students have to choose correct option and answers can be matched with answer keys.

1. A and An

2. Spelling Words

3. Singular and Plurals

4. Action Words

5. Capitalization

6. Common & Proper Noun

7. Is, Am and Are


9. Comprehension

10. Punctuation


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