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    Common and Proper Nouns – English Grammar Rules | YourInfoMaster

    Common and Proper Nouns – English Grammar Rules Friends! My name is Shokat Javed. I am here to increase your Grammar Skills. In this article I would love to teach you Common and Proper Nouns – English Grammar Rules. I will explain Noun, Proper and Common nouns. Let’s get start! What is a Noun? (Parts […] More

  • Capitalization Rules in English, capital letters, capitalisation, capitalization in english, capitalization rules, capitalize, capitalize my title, Common Noun, cursive capital letters, do you capitalize seasons, English Grammar Rules, Parts of Speech, Proper Noun, title capitalization, title case, uppercase, YourInfoMaster, Capitalization Rules, lnd class 3, lnd papers, lnd slos, lnd slo, lnd syllabus
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    Capitalization Rules in English Grammar | YourInfoMaster

    Capitalization Rules in English At first glance, the principles of capitalization rules of English Grammar seem simple. You probably know you should capitalize proper nouns and therefore the first word of each sentence. But you furthermore may (sometimes) capitalize the first word of a quote. Examples: Maria is living in Lahore. We went to California […] More

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    Primary Auxiliary: Use of Is – Am – Are | YourInfoMaster

    Use of Is – Am – Are Use of Is – Am – Are: Whenever the subject is a singular noun or a third person singular pronoun then “is” used. i.e. A book, an apple, he, she, it, this, John, Ali, Maryem etc. Examples: Maryem is a smart girl. A book is on the table. […] More

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    What are action words (Verbs)?

    What are action words? What are action words? Verbs are the action words in a sentence that define what the subject is doing. Along with nouns, verbs are the major part of the sentence. Literally, without a verb, full feelings can’t be properly farwarded, and even the simplest sentences, such as Maria sings, have one […] More

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    Easy way of Teaching Singular and Plural Nouns

    1. Teaching Singular and Plural Nouns The Pre School Article about Singular and Plural Nouns learning series is specially designed for teachers to assist kids easily. The live teacher explanation alongside special effects & animation will keep the students engaged and make learning easy during a fun way. Most singular nouns are made plural by […] More

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    How to Remember Spelling Words?

    How to Remember Spelling Words? Spelling Words: Reading level three probably next school year, so be on lookout for that basically when it came to spelling. I knew I didn’t want to start spelling until first grade because I wanted to make sure she had a pretty good basis for reading. Before we started filling […] More