Easy way of Teaching Singular and Plural Nouns

1. Teaching Singular and Plural Nouns

The Pre School Article about Singular and Plural Nouns learning series is specially designed for teachers to assist kids easily. The live teacher explanation alongside special effects & animation will keep the students engaged and make learning easy during a fun way.

Most singular nouns are made plural by simply putting an -s at the end of singular noun. There are so many rules regarding pluralization depending on what letter a noun word ends in. Irregular nouns don’t follow plural noun rules, in order that they must be memorized or searched within the dictionary.

  • Singular means one item only. For example, doll, girl, goat, bush, peach, box, apple, tree, pen, watch, fox, chair, and mango etc.
  • Plural means many items. It usually ends with s or es. For example, eggs, buses, horses, dolls, cars, trees, beaches, peaches, flags and books etc

Singular and Plural Nouns Video Clip

A very important grammar video about learning to use singular and plural nouns. Esther will teach when you should use single nouns and when to add an ‘s’ or “es” to a noun to make it plural.

Singular and Plural Nouns MCQs Practice Paper.

Here is one practice test for singular and plural nouns. In this there are 30 multiple choice question about common singular and their plurals. Three options are given, student have to select with correct ‘s’ or “es” at the end. What you will feel if I would love to allow you to print high definition PDF practice test for you students.

Identify the number of simple naming words by addings” or “es”.

Answer Key is given below!

1. Two___________
A. apple
B. apples
C. applees
2. Three___________
A. boxes
B. box
C. boxs
3. Three___________
A. tree
B. trees
C. treees
4. Five___________
A. pens
B. pen
C. penes
5. Two___________
A. watches
B. watch
C. watchs
6. Four___________
A. foxs
B. fox
C. foxes
7. Nine___________
A. chairs
B. chaires
C. chair
8. Eight___________
A. doll
B. dolls
C. dolles
9. Two___________
A. benches
B. bench
C. benches
10. Three___________
A. peachs
B. peaches
C. peach
11. Two___________
A. goates
B. goat
C. goats
12. Four___________
A. fans
B. fanes
C. fan
13. Two___________
A. rose
B. roses
C. rosees
14. Three___________
A. girl
B. girles
C. girls
15. Eight___________
A. mangos
B. mangoes
C. mango
16. Four___________
A. buses
B. buss
C. bus
17. Six___________
A. brush
B. brushes
C. brushs
18. Two___________
A. cates
B. cat
C. cats
19. Three___________
A. egg
B. eggs
C. egges
20. Two___________
A. dress
B. dresses
C. dresss
21. Three___________
A. hats
B. hates
C. hat
22. Three___________
A. boat
B. boats
C. boates
23. Four___________
A. bushs
B. bush
C. bushes
24. Five___________
A. flower
B. flowers
C. floweres
25. Five___________
A. insect
B. insectes
C. insects
26. Three___________
A. dishes
B. dish
C. dishs
27. Three___________
A. book
B. books
C. bookes
28. Nine___________
A. turnips
B. turnip
C. turnipes
29. Two___________
A. flag
B. flages
C. flags
30. Five___________
A. horses
B. horsees
C. horse

ANSWER KEY: 1. Apples 2. Boxes 3. Trees 4. Pens 5. Watches 6. Foxes 7. Chairs 8. Dolls 9. Benches 10. Peaches 11. Goats 12. Fans 13. Roses 14. Girls 15. Mangoes 16. Buses 17. Brushes 18. Cats 19. Eggs 20. Dresses 21. Hats 22. Boats 23. Bushes 24. Flowers 25. Insects 26. Dishes 27. Books 28. Turnips 29. Flags 30. Horses


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