Education System

Levels of Education System

Education System in Pakistan has a various categories. Education System is divided in five different levels. There are following levels of education system in Pakistan:

      • Primary Education
      • Elementary Education
      • Secondary Education
      • Higher Secondary Education
      • Higher Education
Property of YIM Education System

Student enrolment in Primary level is most and in Higher level least in educational institutes. Certificates and degrees awarded at a various level like Matric, Inter, BS, M.Phil and Ph.D. Students are always conscious to get the right information at right time.

Education System: Students Need

Students are looking for accurate study material like past papers, textbooks, study notes, handouts, MCAT and ECAT test preparation material. YIM provides to students a superb website to their minds updated. Following are major areas of Education system category of the YIM website.

      • Punjab Textbooks
      • Past Papers
      • Study Notes
      • Date sheet
      • Study Scheme
      • Result
      • Admission

At YIM past papers of all boards, colleges and universities are available, in neat and clean forms. There is also a vast directory of educational institutes in Pakistan, including schools, colleges, universities, academies, tuition centers & vocational training centers. The students who want to study abroad can take help from the directory of consultants online. There are thousands of Scholarships for students in various countries.

There are dozens of educational videos for study online available in this section. Students can find the list and direction of libraries in different cities, their addresses & details are given here.

Education is the Key to Success

The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is just be nice to everyone and always smile.



Exam Results

Education Boards

Testing Service

Research Institutes

Medical Colleges




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