What are action words?

What are action words? Verbs are the action words in a sentence that define what the subject is doing. Along with nouns, verbs are the major part of the sentence. Literally, without a verb, full feelings can’t be properly farwarded, and even the simplest sentences, such as Maria sings, have one verb. Actually, a verb can be a sentence by itself, with the subject, in many cases you, implied, such as, Sing!, Drive! and Cry!

Regular Verbs

Irregular Verbs

Action Words: Best Video Clip

Hello everyone! Welcome to English with Lucy. Today I would love to teach you 50 beautiful advanced (Action Words) verbs that will take your written English and your spoken English to an advanced level in this advanced vocabulary lesson.

Action Words: Practice Test

In practice test there will be two wrong action words and one correct action word. Students have to circle the correct action word according to the image given in the practice MCQs test. This test is available in PDF form to print for practice in classroom.

Identify and articulate the correct action word:

1. The kid is _____.
A. drinking
B. crying
C. smiling
2. A boy is _____ a bicycle.
A. riding
B. breaking
C. weeping
3. The boy is_____.
A. playing
B. walking
C. running
4. Amna is _____ a letter.
A. singing
B. knocking
C. writing
5. A boy is_____.
A. running
B. playing
C. going
6. Ali is_____ a watermelon.
A. eating
B. cooking
C. walking
7. Sajid is______ a song.
A. sleeping
B. singing
C. walking
8. Rashid is______a newspaper.
A. writing
B. reading
C. playing
9. Zain is_______.
A. sleeping
B. singing
C. reading
10. Ahmed is______.
A. reading
B. brushing
C. writing
11. Ali is______ his hands.
A. washing
B. cleaning
C. writing
12. Imran is______ on the box
A. sitting
B. playing
C. watching
13. Akbar is_______.
A. walking
B. sitting
C. standing
14. Tayyeb is_______.
A. jumping
B. sitting
C. stand
15. Fatima is_______ vegetables.
A. reading
B. cooking
C. walking
16. Amna is_______ television.
A. cooking
B. sleeping
C. watching
17. Ali and Fatima are_______.
A. talking
B. walking
C. cooking
18. Salman is_______ his room.
A. eating
B. cleaning
C. watching
19. Rizwan is_______ a chocolate.
A. talking
B. buying
C. cleaning
20. Tayyeb_______ bricks.
A. breaks
B. cleans
C. cooks
21. Javed_______English.
A. eats
B. teaches
C. plays
22. Mehmood is________ a wall.
A. breaking
B. playing
C. building
23. Nadeem is_______ clothes.
A. breaking
B. carrying
C. building
24. Farrah is_______.
A. drawing
B. sleeping
C. eating
25. Tariq is________.
A. playing
B. smiling
C. carrying
26. A bird is________.
B. flying
B. walking
C. singing
27. Shakeel is_______ water.
A. playing
B. reading
C. drinking
28. My father is_______ a car.
A. driving
B. riding
C. playing
29. Saim is_______ the ball.
A. going
B. kicking
C. jumping
30. Ali is_______ the door.
A. knocking
B. opening
C. shutting

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