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    What are action words (Verbs)?

    What are action words? What are action words? Verbs are the action words in a sentence that define what the subject is doing. Along with nouns, verbs are the major part of the sentence. Literally, without a verb, full feelings can’t be properly farwarded, and even the simplest sentences, such as Maria sings, have one […] More

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    Easy way of Teaching Singular and Plural Nouns

    1. Teaching Singular and Plural Nouns The Pre School Article about Singular and Plural Nouns learning series is specially designed for teachers to assist kids easily. The live teacher explanation alongside special effects & animation will keep the students engaged and make learning easy during a fun way. Most singular nouns are made plural by […] More

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    LND SLO – LND Paper – LND Syllabus – LND App – January 2020

    Literacy & Numeracy Drive In 2015, the varsity Department of Education and therefore the PITB implemented tablet-PC based student assessment app – employed by School Monitoring Officers during their monthly visits to every public school. The assessment app is linked to an intensive question bank and every question is tagged with the relevant student learning […] More