What are the Punctuation Marks in English Grammar?

Punctuation Marks in English Grammar

Punctuation marks are symbols that are used to aid and clarify the written English. There are 12 Punctuation Marks in English Grammar in three groups that are used commonly.

1. Terminal Points

  • Full Stop ( . )
  • Question Mark ( ? )
  • Exclamation Point ( ! )

2. Pausing Points

  • Comma ( , )
  • Semicolon ( ; )
  • Colon ( : )

3. Hyphen and Dashes

  • Hyphen ( – )
  • En Dash ( _ )
  • Em Dash ( __ )
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Full Stop (Period)

The full stop (period) is perhaps the simplest punctuation mark to learn. It ends a sentence. Difficulty generally arises only when the period is used along other punctuation marks. Periods are also used to abbreviate words. If a sentence ends with an abbreviation, the full stop is used for the abbreviation.


  1. Javed is a teacher.
  2. He goes to school daily.
  3. Meryem is washing her hands.

Question Mark

A question mark (?) is used at the end of a question.


  1. When are we going to school?
  2. Have you finished eating?
  3. What is your name?

Exclamation Point

The exclamation point is used after interjections and after phrases and sentences expressing sudden emotion or wish. The exclamation mark may be a mark of terminal punctuation. As such, it shouldn’t be followed by a period or question mark.


  1. Alas! Oh dear!
  2. “Get out!” Marcus yelled.
  3. It is cold!

Punctuation Marks: Best Video

Hi, My name’s Adam. Here is best video to learn punctuation marks. So, today’s lesson is about punctuation. I’m getting to teach you the period, the exclamation mark, and therefore the question mark. These are the ends of sentences. Right? These always come at a really specific point within the sentence, always at the end, always with a transparent purpose.

Punctuation Marks Practice Test

Here is practice MCQs test to learn Punctuation marks especially the period, exclamation mark and question mark.

Identify the correct punctuation mark (. or ? ):

1. I drink milk__
2. Who is your teacher__
3. The sky is blue__
4. Tayyeb has a house__
5. How are you__
6. We study in class three__
7. This is a cat__
8. When do you play__
9. Ali is a boy__
10. The boy is laughing__
11. Am I fine__
12. I am Sana__
13. I live in Multan__
14. What is your favorite color__
15. This is my book__
16. When you will come__
17. You are good student__
18. Is parrot singing a song__
19. This is my school__
20. My name is Maria__
21. Are you crazy__
22. I am happy__
23. Why is she sad__
24. What are you eating__
25. Where is your book__
26. Sara is washing her hands__
27. A bird is flying__
28. What is your name__
29. The sun is hot__
30. They are going to school__


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