What is another word for Important? Sentences, Antonyms and Synonyms for Important

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In this article, I am going to provide a list of another word for Important, 50 Sentences with Important and Antonyms for Important.

In the English language, words often evolve, change, or acquire new meanings over time. This phenomenon can be observed in the word “important.” This blog post will explore the origin and history of the term, its meaning, synonyms, antonyms, real-world examples, and provide a comprehensive list of sentences showcasing its usage.

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Origin and History of “Important”:

The word “important” derives from the Latin word “importans,” which means “significant” or “weighty.” It entered the English language in the early 16th century and has since become a widely used adjective to describe something of great value, relevance, or consequence.

What is the meaning of Important?

“Important” refers to something or someone that holds significance, influence, or impact. It denotes a high level of value, relevance, or priority attached to a particular subject, idea, or individual. This term is commonly used to emphasize the essential nature of a person, event, task, or concept.

Real-World Examples of Important

In the field of medicine, accurate diagnosis plays an important role in determining the appropriate treatment for a patient. Without a proper diagnosis, the treatment outcome can be compromised, leading to potential harm to the patient’s health.

In the business world, effective communication is an important aspect of building strong relationships with clients. Clear and concise communication ensures that both parties understand each other’s expectations, leading to successful collaborations and long-term partnerships.

List of synonyms/another word for Important

  1. Crucial
  2. Vital
  3. Essential
  4. Critical
  5. Imperative
  6. Pivotal
  7. Indispensable
  8. Momentous
  9. Paramount
  10. Significant
  11. Weighty
  12. Consequential
  13. Relevant
  14. Noteworthy
  15. Salient

List of antonyms for Important

  1. Insignificant
  2. Trivial
  3. Irrelevant
  4. Unimportant
  5. Inconsequential
  6. Minor
  7. Negligible
  8. Frivolous
  9. Meaningless
  10. Insignificant

50 Sentences with Important

Here is a list of 50 Sentences with Important:

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  1. It is important to prioritize your goals to achieve success.
  2. The role of education in society is critically important.
  3. Time management is an important skill to develop.
  4. Good nutrition is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  5. It is important to express gratitude for the support received.
  6. Voting is an important civic duty.
  7. Regular exercise is important for physical and mental well-being.
  8. Building a strong network is important for career growth.
  9. Family bonds are important for emotional support.
  10. A positive mindset is important for overcoming challenges.
  11. Critical thinking skills are important for problem-solving.
  12. It is important to respect the opinions of others.
  13. Financial literacy is important for making informed decisions.
  14. Honesty and integrity are important values to uphold.
  15. Empathy is important for understanding and connecting with others.
  16. Respect for diversity is important for fostering inclusion in society.
  17. Time spent with loved ones is important for creating lasting memories.
  18. The preservation of endangered species is important for maintaining biodiversity.
  19. Quality sleep is important for overall health and well-being.
  20. Effective teamwork is important for achieving collective goals.
  21. Listening actively is important for effective communication.
  22. Setting boundaries is important for maintaining healthy relationships.
  23. Continuous learning is important for personal and professional growth.
  24. Ethical conduct is important for upholding trust and credibility.
  25. Prioritizing self-care is important for maintaining mental and emotional health.
  26. Being punctual is important for showing respect for others’ time.
  27. Developing leadership skills is important for driving organizational success.
  28. Honoring commitments is important for building trust and reliability.
  29. Adaptability is important for navigating change and uncertainty.
  30. Informed decision-making is important for minimizing risks.
  31. Problem-solving skills are important for overcoming obstacles.
  32. Environmental conservation is important for a sustainable future.
  33. Being open-minded is important for embracing new ideas and perspectives.
  34. Quality customer service is important for enhancing business reputation.
  35. Empowering others is important for fostering a positive work environment.
  36. Taking responsibility for one’s actions is important for personal growth.
  37. Resilience is important for bouncing back from setbacks.
  38. Demonstrating empathy is important for nurturing meaningful relationships.
  39. Attention to detail is important for ensuring accuracy and precision.
  40. Effective time management is important for maximizing productivity.
  41. Celebrating achievements is important for boosting morale.
  42. The pursuit of knowledge is important for intellectual development.
  43. Balancing work and leisure is important for overall well-being.
  44. Embracing diversity is important for fostering innovation and creativity.
  45. Recognizing strengths and weaknesses is important for personal growth.
  46. Active participation in community events is important for social cohesion.
  47. Sharing knowledge and experiences is important for collective learning.
  48. Constructive feedback is important for professional development.
  49. Having a positive self-image is important for building confidence.
  50. Demonstrating integrity is important for upholding ethical standards.

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In conclusion, “important” is a versatile term used to convey the significance, relevance, or value of a subject, idea, or individual. Synonyms such as crucial, vital, and essential can be employed to express similar meanings. Conversely, antonyms like insignificant and trivial represent the opposite spectrum. Understanding the nuances of “important” and its synonyms is vital for effective communication and conveying the desired impact in various contexts.

With its rich history and wide range of usage, “important” remains a fundamental term in the English language, highlighting the enduring significance of this concept.

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