50 Sentences with Relegate

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In this article, I am going to provide a list of “50 Sentences with Relegate“.

In this blog post, we delve into the origin, history, and meaning of “relegate,” a term that encompasses the act of assigning something or someone to a lower or less significant position. We will also explore 5 synonyms and 5 antonyms of “relegate.” Additionally, we provide 2 real-world examples to illustrate how relegate is used in practical contexts. Finally, we present a list of 50 sentences that showcase the various ways in which relegate is employed.

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Origin and History of Relegate

The term “relegate” traces its roots back to the Latin word “relegare,” which means “to send away” or “to remove.” Over time, the term evolved to signify the act of assigning someone or something to an inferior or less prominent position. In the context of organizational structures or social hierarchies, relegate is often used to describe the displacement of individuals or ideas to a lower level or status.

What is the meaning of Relegate?

Relegate refers to the act of assigning or displacing someone or something to a lower position, status, or category. It implies a shift from a position of prominence, authority, or importance to a lesser or subordinate role. The term suggests a deliberate action to demote or marginalize, often resulting in reduced influence, recognition, or visibility for the subject being relegated.


  1. Downgrade
  2. Demote
  3. Displace
  4. Transfer
  5. Banish


  1. Promote
  2. Elevate
  3. Advance
  4. Include
  5. Empower

Real-World Examples of Relegate

Corporate Restructuring: In the context of a corporate setting, the relegate process may occur during a restructuring phase. For instance, if a company decides to downsize its workforce, certain employees might be relegated to lower positions or departments as a result. This can result in a shift from roles with significant responsibilities and decision-making authority to positions with lesser influence or scope.

Sports Team Lineup: In sports, coaches may relegate players to the bench or substitute them during a game. This act of relegate can occur due to various factors such as performance issues, injuries, or tactical considerations. By relegate a player, the coach assigns them a lesser role within the team, reducing their playing time and opportunities to contribute on the field.

50 Sentences with Relegate

Here is a list of 50 Sentences with Relegate:

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  1. The manager decided to relegate the underperforming employee to a less challenging role.
  2. The company’s financial crisis forced them to relegate certain departments to subsidiary status.
  3. The professor’s groundbreaking research was often relegated to the footnotes of academic publications.
  4. The outdated technology was relegated to the storage room, replaced by more advanced equipment.
  5. The government’s decision to relegate the issue to a lower priority sparked public outrage.
  6. The veteran actor’s role in the film was relegated to a minor supporting character.
  7. The team captain was temporarily relegated to the bench due to a minor injury.
  8. The committee decided to relegate the proposal to further study before making a final decision.
  9. The historical event was often relegated to a single paragraph in textbooks, overshadowed by more significant events.
  10. The rising star musician was relegated to performing in small venues before gaining mainstream recognition.
  11. The company’s outdated policies relegate employees to a bureaucratic and rigid work environment.
  12. The once popular fashion trend has been relegated to a niche market.
  13. The artist’s innovative style was often relegated to avant-garde galleries, appreciated by a select audience.
  14. The government’s decision to relegate the issue to a local council resulted in limited resources and attention being devoted to its resolution.
  15. The talented writer felt frustrated when their work was consistently relegated to the back pages of the newspaper.
  16. The team’s poor performance led the coach to relegate them to a lower division.
  17. The historical artifact was relegated to a museum basement, hidden away from public view.
  18. The board of directors decided to relegate the project to a lower priority due to budget constraints.
  19. The once prestigious event has been relegated to a small-scale gathering with dwindling attendance.
  20. The talented employee felt demoralized after being repeatedly relegated to menial tasks.
  21. The local community felt marginalized when their concerns were consistently relegated to the bottom of the agenda.
  22. The artist’s unique style was often relegated to a niche market, appreciated by a dedicated group of collectors.
  23. The star player’s injury forced the coach to relegate them to the sidelines for several games.
  24. The groundbreaking research findings were relegated to a single footnote in the academic paper.
  25. The company’s decision to outsource certain operations resulted in employees being relegated to a support role.
  26. The outdated traditions were relegated to the past as the community embraced modern values.
  27. The influential politician was relegated to a minor role in the new government.
  28. The company’s restructuring plan led to the reassignment and relegation of several employees.
  29. The young artist felt disheartened when their work was consistently relegated to a small corner of the gallery.
  30. The team’s poor performance relegated them to the bottom of the league standings.
  31. The student’s disruptive behavior led the teacher to relegate them to a separate study area.
  32. The popular television show was relegated to a late-night time slot due to declining viewership.
  33. The city’s historic landmarks should not be relegated to mere tourist attractions but cherished and preserved.
  34. The once bustling shopping district has been relegated to a ghost town due to the rise of online shopping.
  35. The company’s decision to relegate customer service to an overseas call center led to increased customer dissatisfaction.
  36. The author’s early works were often relegated to the shadows of their later literary achievements.
  37. The team’s lack of funding relegated them to using outdated equipment and facilities.
  38. The valuable resource was relegated to a limited number of users, denying access to the wider population.
  39. The professor’s groundbreaking research was unfortunately relegated to obscurity by the academic community.
  40. The government’s failure to address the pressing issue relegated it to the backburner of public concern.
  41. The aging actor found it difficult to secure leading roles and was relegated to supporting characters.
  42. The team’s poor performance relegated them to the lower division of the tournament.
  43. The company’s reorganization plan relegated certain departments to subsidiary status, reducing their autonomy.
  44. The historical figure’s contributions were often relegated to footnotes in history textbooks.
  45. The artist’s unique style was initially relegated to the fringes of the art world but gained recognition over time.
  46. The outdated policies relegated employees to a bureaucratic and inflexible work environment.
  47. The novel’s thought-provoking themes were unfortunately relegated to a niche readership.
  48. The talented musician felt frustrated when their work was relegated to small, local venues.
  49. The team’s lack of funding relegated them to using outdated technology and equipment.
  50. The once influential movement has been relegated to a small group of dedicated supporters.

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In conclusion, the term “relegate” captures the act of assigning someone or something to a lower status or position. It carries implications of displacement, demotion, or marginalization.

Understanding the meaning and usage of relegate helps us comprehend the dynamics of power, hierarchy, and recognition in various contexts. Whether in the workplace, sports, or cultural spheres, the concept of relegate plays a significant role in shaping outcomes and perceptions.

By acknowledging the effects and consequences of relegation, we can work towards creating inclusive and equitable environments that value the contributions and potential of all individuals and ideas.

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