Dessert Animals – List of 100+ Animals That Live in the Desert

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Desert animals with Picture! Here is a list of dessert animal vocabulary words with pictures. This list of resources will help you develop a more advanced vocabulary and rapidly enhance your English.

This page contains an alphabetical list of species found in the desert, along with photos and information about every species. We’ve chosen desert animals from across the world. And because the majority of these species are in danger, we’ve added their conservation status by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

What animals live in the desert?

Desert animals have developed to live in the desert habitat. There are 23 deserts across the world, and each offers a variety of desert animals. There are two kinds of deserts, hot and cold. We usually think of hot and sand-dunes-filled when we hear the word “desert” the largest desert on earth is located in Antarctica. Desert animals can be quite different depending on whether they reside within a warm or cold desert.

Despite their reputation, as dry and barren deserts are home to various animals that have adapted to the harsh environment.

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List of Desert Animals Vocabulary in English

Various species of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects reside in deserts. Within the Sonoran desert (Arizona, US) alone, there are more than 500 bird species and 130 mammal species, 100 reptile species, plus more than 2,500 species of plants! Here are some of the most commonly seen desert species of animals.

Bactrian Camel (two humps)Gray Fox
Dromedary Camels (one hump)Ground Sloth, Shasta (extinct)
African Wild AssGundi
African Wild DogHamster
Ankole Longhorn CattleHawk
Arabian WildcatHyena
BaboonJack Rabbits
Bear (Black)Jerboa
Bearded DragonKangaroo Rats
BeetleKangaroo, Red
Bighorn SheepKit Fox
Bison – BeefaloLeopard
Bison (Plains Bison)Lion
Black-footed CatLLama
BoaLong-Tailed Weasel
Brown BearMeerkat
Buffalo (Plains Bison)Mountain Lion
BurrosMule Deer
Cairo Spiny MouseOstrich
California Wolf CenterOtter – River
CaracalPrairie Dogs
Chipmunk, PanamintPrzewalski’s Horse
Climbing MousePython
Coati, White-NosedRaccoon
Collared PeccaryRed Kangaroo
Cotton RatRhinoceros
Cottontail RabbitRingtailed Cat
CottontailsRiver Otter
CougarSand Cat
CourserSea Lion – California
Coyote Coyote ebookShasta Ground Sloth (extinct)
Dama GazelleSkunk
Deer – MuleSnow Leopard
Deer – White-TailedSpectacled Bear
Desert ShrewSpiny Mouse
DingoSpotted Hyena
Dinosaurs Q&AStarling
DolphinStick Bug
FalconTyrant Flycatcher
Finback WhaleWaxwing
FlyWeasel, Long-Tailed
FoxWhale – Finback
Fox (Gray)White Tail Deer
Fox (Kit)Wild Burros
FrogmouthWild Horses
GerbilWoodrats (Pack Rats)

Kitchen Appliances | Infographic

Infographics are an excellent method of conveying a lot of information in a short amount of time and in a way that is engaging. Desert animal infographics can assist both students and teachers to communicate their thoughts and showing how they are learning. Download list of desert animal infographic worksheet.

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Encourage your children to master these basic but often encountered desert animals vocabulary by following the simple example given above. Then, save this list about desert animal names in English, handy for future use.

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  • List Of Desert Animals Vocabulary in English
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