Addition 1 to 10 t-rex Game – Addition Game

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In the Addition 1 to 10 T-Rex Game, kids aged 5 and up can transform their math learning into a thrilling adventure. By merging the excitement of dinosaurs with the challenge of answering addition questions, this game makes numerical skills engaging and enjoyable. Help the jungle boy escape the dinosaurs, roll the die, and conquer addition challenges, creating a dynamic learning experience that kids will love.

Addition 1 to 10 T-Rex Game – Learn While Playing!

Dino Delight: Dinosaurs are super cool, especially for 5-year-olds. The T-Rex’s rawr on the screen is like a magical moment.

Math Mayhem: But when it comes to math, it’s a bit of a “Nooo!!” moment with those tiny addition cards.

Double Excitement: What if we combine both? That might just be the perfect recipe to get kids excited about adding numbers 1 to 10!

How to Play: In the Addition 1 to 10 T-Rex Game, help the jungle boy get back to his cave by avoiding scary dinosaurs. Roll the die, move the steps, answer the question right, and keep your spot. But be careful! Landing on a T-Rex or other dinos will push you back.

Why It’s Awesome: With easy instructions and a fun setup, kids won’t find adding numbers 1 to 10 hard anymore. Whatever they learn in this game will stick with them. Click and play with your kid to see their math skills grow in a super fun way!


With its captivating blend of educational content and dinosaur excitement, the Addition 1 to 10 T-Rex Game not only makes learning addition enjoyable but also reinforces essential math skills in a fun and interactive way. As kids navigate through the game, their mathematical proficiency is not only strengthened, but they also develop a positive attitude towards tackling numerical challenges.

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