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Showing Addition in Written English

Showing Addition in Written English

Showing Addition in Written English: You can indicate addition in written English using various ways. These include using subordinating conjunctions, coordinating conjunctions, and introductory words like “in addition” or “moreover,” which are called conjunctive adverbs.

After learning the basics of showing addition, move on to understanding different ways of linking sentences in written English. When you use these connectors correctly, your writing in English will become more sophisticated. Sentence connectors help show connections between ideas and combine sentences, enhancing your writing style.

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Coordinating Conjunction


  1. She likes to read novels, and she enjoys watching movies.
  2. He is skilled in both painting and sculpting.
  3. The conference covered various topics, and it was well-received.
  4. They worked hard on the project, and their efforts paid off.
  5. She plays the guitar, and her brother plays the drums.
  6. The event was both entertaining and informative.
  7. He is interested in both science and literature.
  8. She went to the store to buy groceries, and she also picked up some stationery.
  9. We can go hiking in the morning, and we can have a picnic in the afternoon.
  10. The team worked late into the night, and they completed the project on time.

Conjunctive adverbs

in addition, additionally, furthermore, moreover, also

  1. She enjoys painting, and in addition, she is quite skilled at pottery.
  2. He is a talented musician; additionally, he excels in playing the piano.
  3. The recipe calls for sugar, flour, and eggs. Furthermore, you’ll need vanilla extract.
  4. The presentation was well-prepared; moreover, it was delivered with confidence.
  5. She is a dedicated student, and also, she participates actively in extracurricular activities.
  6. The movie was entertaining; in addition, the acting performances were impressive.
  7. They offer a wide range of products. Additionally, their customer service is excellent.
  8. The project is challenging; furthermore, it requires a high level of creativity.
  9. The team worked hard to meet the deadline; moreover, they exceeded expectations.
  10. The workshop provided valuable insights. Also, it offered practical tips for implementation.

Correlative conjunctions

  1. Not only did she excel in academics, but she also shone in sports.
  2. The restaurant serves not only delicious pizzas but also mouthwatering pasta dishes.
  3. He is not only a talented musician but also a skilled painter.
  4. The movie was not only entertaining but also thought-provoking.
  5. She is not only a dedicated teacher but also a caring mentor.
  6. The book provides not only valuable information but also practical tips.
  7. The festival offers not only cultural performances but also culinary delights.
  8. The new smartphone model is not only stylish but also packed with advanced features.
  9. The park is not only a peaceful retreat but also an ideal place for jogging.
  10. The museum showcases not only historical artifacts but also contemporary artworks.

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Prepositional phrases

in addition to, along with, as well as

  1. In addition to studying math, he also enjoys playing the piano.
  2. She brought her camera along with her to capture the beautiful scenery.
  3. He is skilled in graphic design as well as video editing.
  4. In addition to his job as a teacher, he volunteers at a local shelter.
  5. She loves to travel and explore new cultures, as well as try different cuisines.
  6. Along with his friends, he organized a charity event to raise funds.
  7. She is a talented singer as well as a skilled dancer.
  8. In addition to her regular workout routine, she practices yoga for relaxation.
  9. The conference included workshops on leadership skills, as well as team building.
  10. Along with his academic achievements, he actively participates in community service.


In conclusion, mastering the art of showing addition in written English is essential for effective communication. By utilizing various connectors like “in addition to,” “along with,” and “as well as,” writers can seamlessly enhance their sentences, creating a more comprehensive and sophisticated expression of ideas.

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