What is another word for Wide? Sentences, Antonyms and Synonyms for Wide

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In this article, I am going to provide a list of another word for Wide, 50 Sentences with Wide and Antonyms for Wide.

The concept of width and spaciousness has always been significant in our understanding of the physical world. In this blog post, we will explore the origin and history of the word “wide,” delve into its meaning, provide real-world examples, present a list of synonyms and antonyms, and offer 50 short sentences that illustrate the various contexts in which the concept of width is relevant.

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Origin and History of “Wide”

The word “wide” traces its origins back to Old English, where it was derived from the Germanic word “wīd,” meaning “broad” or “spacious.” Throughout history, the term has been associated with expansiveness, size, and the opposite of narrowness. The concept of width has played a crucial role in various fields, including architecture, geography, and design.

What is the meaning of Wide?

Wide refers to a measurement or description of something that has considerable breadth, span, or extent. It describes objects, spaces, or areas that are expansive and not limited or restricted in their dimensions. The term wide is often used to compare and contrast with narrowness or the lack of width.

Real-World Examples of Wide

A Wide River: Imagine standing on the bank of a wide river that stretches as far as the eye can see. The expansive width of the river indicates the vastness of the water body, creating a sense of grandeur and scale.

Wide Open Spaces: When visiting a national park, you might come across wide open spaces, such as vast grasslands or prairies. These expansive areas give a sense of freedom and openness, providing a stark contrast to the confined spaces of urban environments.

List of synonyms/another word for Wide

Here is the list of another word for Wide:

  1. Broad
  2. Spacious
  3. Extensive
  4. Expansive
  5. Ample
  6. Vast
  7. Large
  8. Roomy
  9. Wide-ranging
  10. Substantial
  11. Comprehensive
  12. Far-reaching
  13. Extensive
  14. Sizable
  15. Capacious

List of antonyms for Wide

Here is the list of of opposite words for Wide:

  1. Narrow
  2. Thin
  3. Tight
  4. Limited
  5. Restricted
  6. Constricted
  7. Compact
  8. Cramped
  9. Confined
  10. Slim

50 Sentences with Wide

Here is a list of 50 Sentences with Wide:

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  1. The road stretched wide into the horizon.
  2. Her smile spread wide across her face.
  3. The wide expanse of the desert was breathtaking.
  4. The car’s wide tires provided stability on the slippery road.
  5. He took a wide step to avoid the puddle.
  6. The wide door allowed for easy access to the building.
  7. The wide-brimmed hat protected her from the scorching sun.
  8. The wide river flowed gently through the valley.
  9. The wide staircase led up to the grand entrance.
  10. The wide selection of books catered to all interests.
  11. The wide hallways in the museum accommodated large crowds.
  12. The wide smile on his face showed his excitement.
  13. The wide collar of the coat added a fashionable touch.
  14. The wide lens captured a panoramic view of the landscape.
  15. She swung the bat wide, aiming for a home run.
  16. The wide alley provided ample space for pedestrians.
  17. The wide wingspan of the eagle impressed onlookers.
  18. The wide screen displayed stunning visuals.
  19. The wide hips of the sculpture gave it a sense of proportion.
  20. The wide market offered a variety of fresh produce.
  21. The wide valley was dotted with colorful flowers.
  22. The wide arc of the rainbow stretched across the sky.
  23. The wide smile of the child brightened the room.
  24. The wide angle lens captured the entire scene in a single shot.
  25. The wide belt cinched her waist and added definition to her outfit.
  26. The wide road accommodated heavy traffic during rush hour.
  27. The wide knowledge base of the professor made him a respected authority.
  28. The wide array of colors in the sunset painted the sky in breathtaking hues.
  29. The wide entrance to the stadium allowed for easy access for the fans.
  30. The wide sleeves of her dress flowed gracefully as she walked.
  31. The wide range of flavors catered to different palates.
  32. The wide smile on the baby’s face melted everyone’s heart.
  33. The wide knowledge gap between the two students became apparent during the discussion.
  34. The wide riverbank provided a perfect spot for a picnic.
  35. The wide brim of the hat shielded her face from the sun’s rays.
  36. The wide diversity of cultures in the city created a vibrant atmosphere.
  37. The wide knowledge of the subject allowed him to answer any question thrown at him.
  38. The wide beach stretched for miles, inviting beachgoers to relax and unwind.
  39. The wide neckline of the dress added a touch of elegance.
  40. The wide range of products in the store catered to various customer needs.

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In conclusion, the word “wide” encompasses the concept of breadth, expansiveness, and spaciousness. Its origins can be traced back to Old English, and it has been used throughout history to describe objects, spaces, and areas that lack restrictions or confinement. Through exploring synonyms, antonyms, and short sentences, we gain a deeper understanding of the versatility and significance of the term “wide” in various contexts. Whether it’s a wide river, wide open spaces, or a wide smile, the concept of width evokes a sense of freedom, possibility, and grandeur. Let us appreciate the beauty and impact of width in our surroundings and embrace the vastness that life has to offer.

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