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What is another word for Take? | Take Synonyms, Antonyms and Sentences

What is another word for Take

In this article, I am going to provide a list of another word for Take, 10 Sentences with Take and Antonyms for Take.

In our daily lives, we often find ourselves in situations where the word “take” comes into play. Whether it’s acquiring possession, accepting, or understanding, the term “take” encompasses various meanings. In this blog post, we will delve into the origin and history of “take,” explore its meaning, provide real-world examples, and present a comprehensive list of synonyms and antonyms. Join us on this linguistic journey as we discover alternative words for “take.”

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Origin and History of “Take”

The word “take” has its roots in Old English and can be traced back to the Germanic language. Over time, it has evolved to encompass the concept of acquiring or receiving something. The history of “take” reflects our inherent need to claim or seize items or ideas.

What is the meaning of Take?

The term “take” refers to the act of acquiring or accepting something, whether it be physical, emotional, or intellectual. It embodies the action of obtaining possession, gaining control, or embracing an idea or opportunity.

Real-World Examples of Take

  1. Take a seat: In this example, “take” implies the action of occupying or accepting a seat. It signifies the act of physically acquiring a place to sit and become part of a particular setting, such as a classroom or theater.
  2. Take a break: Here, “take” conveys the idea of allowing oneself to pause, rest, or temporarily distance oneself from a task or activity. It denotes the act of accepting the need for relaxation and rejuvenation.

List of synonyms/another word for Take

Here is the list of another word for Take:

  1. Acquire
  2. Receive
  3. Obtain
  4. Grab
  5. Seize
  6. Capture
  7. Secure
  8. Accept
  9. Embrace
  10. Assimilate
  11. Comprehend
  12. Grasp
  13. Extract
  14. Procure
  15. Confiscate
  16. Collect
  17. Gather
  18. Redeem
  19. Adopt
  20. Appropriate

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List of antonyms for Take

Here is the list of of opposite words for Take:

  1. Give
  2. Release
  3. Surrender
  4. Relinquish
  5. Abandon
  6. Reject
  7. Refuse
  8. Disregard
  9. Let go
  10. Share

10 Sentences with Take

Here is a list of 10 Sentences with Take:

  1. Please take a moment to review the document.
  2. The store is having a sale, so I’ll take advantage of the discounts.
  3. He decided to take up painting as a new hobby.
  4. She can take care of herself; she’s independent.
  5. I need to take notes during the meeting for reference later.
  6. The police will take the suspect into custody.
  7. The photographer asked us to take a group photo.
  8. The doctor advised him to take his medication regularly.
  9. The team managed to take the lead in the final minutes of the game.
  10. She had to take a detour due to road construction.

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In conclusion, the word “take” encompasses various meanings, including acquiring, accepting, and understanding. Through exploring synonyms for “take,” we discover alternative words that enrich our vocabulary and provide nuance to our expressions. From acquiring physical possessions to embracing ideas or opportunities, the act of “taking” plays a vital role in our lives. By familiarizing ourselves with the synonyms and antonyms of “take,” we can communicate our intentions and actions more effectively.

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