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What is another word for Example? | Example Synonyms, Antonyms and Sentences

What is another word for Example

In this article, I am going to provide a list of another word for Example, Example synonyms, Example Sentences with Example and Antonyms for Example.

Example – a word that illuminates concepts, clarifies ideas, and provides tangible instances for understanding. It serves as a guiding light that helps us grasp complex notions by offering a concrete representation. Whether in education, communication, or problem-solving, examples play a crucial role in conveying information. In this blog post, we will explore the essence of examples, trace their historical roots, and explore alternative words that encapsulate their illustrative nature.

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Origin and History of “Example”

The term “example” has its origins in the Latin word “exemplum,” which means “pattern” or “model.” Throughout history, examples have been employed to aid in learning, teaching, and explaining various subjects.

What is the meaning of Example?

At its core, an “example” refers to a specific instance, case, or situation that serves as a representation of a larger concept or idea. It provides a visual or conceptual illustration to help others comprehend abstract or complex concepts.

Real-World Examples of Example

  1. Educational Context: The math teacher used a real-world example of dividing a pizza among friends to explain fractions to the students.
  2. Writing Craft: The author’s novel is a prime example of how rich character development enhances the depth of a narrative.

List of synonyms/another word for Example

Here is the list of another word for Example:

  1. Illustration
  2. Instance
  3. Model
  4. Representation
  5. Demonstration
  6. Prototype
  7. Exemplar
  8. Specimen
  9. Sample
  10. Paradigm
  11. Case in point
  12. Exhibit
  13. Showcase
  14. Symbol
  15. Emblem

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List of antonyms for Example

Here is the list of of opposite words for Example:

  1. Exception
  2. Anomaly
  3. Aberration
  4. Deviation
  5. Outlier
  6. Rarity
  7. Irregularity
  8. Oddity
  9. Unconformity
  10. Rarity

Example Sentences with Example

Here is a list of example sentences with Example:

  1. The scientist provided a clear example of how chemical reactions occur by demonstrating the combination of two substances.
  2. The coach used an inspiring sports story as an example to motivate the team to give their best effort.
  3. The artist’s intricate painting served as an exquisite example of the beauty that can be achieved through skillful brushwork.
  4. The seminar featured an expert who shared a practical example of effective time management strategies.
  5. The debate team relied on historical examples to strengthen their arguments and make their points more persuasive.
  6. The entrepreneur’s successful business venture became a shining example for aspiring business owners in the industry.
  7. The professor provided an illustrative example to simplify a complex scientific concept, making it easier for students to grasp.
  8. The architect presented a stunning building design as an example of how innovative ideas can be translated into reality.
  9. The environmentalist highlighted the detrimental effects of pollution as a cautionary example for the need to protect the planet.
  10. The podcast host used personal anecdotes as examples to illustrate the concepts discussed in each episode.

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In conclusion, examples are the bridge that connects abstract ideas with concrete understanding. They aid in conveying information, fostering comprehension, and enriching our knowledge. By recognizing the power of examples, we can enhance our ability to communicate effectively and facilitate learning across various domains.

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