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What is another word for Devote? | Devote Synonyms, Antonyms and Sentences

What is another word for Devote

In this article, I am going to provide a list of another word for Devote, Devote synonyms, Example Sentences with Devote and Antonyms for Devote.

In our daily lives, we often come across situations where we dedicate our time, effort, or resources to a particular cause or activity. The word “devote” encapsulates this idea of wholeheartedly committing oneself to something. In this blog post, we will explore the meaning of “devote,” its origins, and discover alternative words that express the same depth of commitment and dedication in different contexts.

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Origin and History of “Devote”

The word “devote” originates from the Latin word “devotus,” which means “to consecrate” or “to vow.” Throughout history, the term has been used to describe acts of dedication and allegiance to a person, cause, or deity.

What is the meaning of Devote?

To “devote” means to give one’s time, attention, or resources to a particular purpose, cause, or person with great sincerity and enthusiasm.

Real-World Examples of Devote

  1. After graduating from college, Sarah decided to devote herself to volunteer work, spending her weekends helping underprivileged children.
  2. The team of scientists devoted countless hours to their research, resulting in groundbreaking discoveries in the field of medicine.

List of synonyms/another word for Devote

Here is the list of another word for Devote:

  1. Dedicate
  2. Commit
  3. Allocate
  4. Consecrate
  5. Pledge
  6. Surrender
  7. Engage
  8. Set aside
  9. Give
  10. Immolate

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List of antonyms for Devote

Here is the list of of opposite words for Devote:

  1. Neglect
  2. Abandon
  3. Ignore
  4. Disregard
  5. Divert

Example Sentences with Devote

Here is a list of example sentences with Devote:

  1. She chose to devote her entire summer vacation to learning a new language.
  2. The artist devoted years to perfecting his craft before gaining recognition.
  3. He devotes himself to physical fitness, working out at the gym every day.
  4. The team decided to devote their resources to tackling environmental issues.
  5. She devotes a considerable amount of time to mentorship programs for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  6. As a teacher, she devotes herself to nurturing young minds and shaping the future generation.
  7. The religious leader devotes his life to serving his community and guiding them on a spiritual path.
  8. The organization devotes significant funds to support various charitable initiatives.
  9. The chef devotes meticulous attention to detail, creating exquisite culinary masterpieces.
  10. The author devotes a chapter in the book to discuss the importance of perseverance.

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In conclusion, “devote” embodies the idea of wholeheartedly dedicating oneself to a particular purpose, cause, or individual. With its origins deeply rooted in the Latin language, the word has a historical significance in expressing acts of commitment and allegiance.

Synonyms like “dedicate,” “commit,” and “consecrate” highlight the sincerity and enthusiasm behind devoting oneself to a task or cause. On the other hand, antonyms like “neglect” and “abandon” emphasize the opposite, indicating a lack of dedication or attention. In our journey through life, we encounter numerous opportunities to devote ourselves to various pursuits, from personal passions to noble causes, leaving a lasting impact on our own lives and the lives of others.

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