What is another word for Completely? | Completely Synonyms, Antonyms and Sentences

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In this article, I am going to provide a list of another word for Completely, Completely synonyms, Example Sentences with Completely and Antonyms for Completely.

“Completely” is a word that signifies entirety, totality, and fullness. When something is done “completely,” it is finished in every aspect, leaving no room for incompleteness or partiality. The word “completely” is a powerful adverb that adds emphasis to the extent or degree of an action or state.

However, the English language is rich and diverse, offering a multitude of synonyms that convey the same sense of thoroughness and completeness.

In this blog post, we will explore alternative words for “completely” and delve into their nuanced meanings. By expanding our vocabulary, we can communicate with precision and express a full range of ideas. So, let’s embark on this linguistic journey and uncover the various synonyms for “completely.”

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Origin and History of “Completely”

The word “completely” has its roots in the Latin term “completus,” which means “filled up” or “made full.” Over time, it evolved in the English language to denote an action carried out to its fullest extent.

What is the meaning of Completely?

The word “completely” can have a few different meanings, but it most commonly means in every way or to the fullest extent. For example, you might say that a task was “completely” finished or that someone was “completely” exhausted.

Real-World Examples of Completely

  1. The chef completely transformed the restaurant’s menu, introducing a diverse range of culinary delights.
  2. After weeks of hard work and dedication, the team completely revamped the website, resulting in a user-friendly interface.

List of synonyms/another word for Completely

Here is the list of another word for Completely:

  1. Entirely
  2. Totally
  3. Wholly
  4. Utterly
  5. Fully
  6. Absolutely
  7. Perfectly
  8. Thoroughly
  9. Entirely
  10. Completely

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List of antonyms for Completely

Here is the list of of opposite words for Completely:

  1. partially
  2. partly
  3. incompletely
  4. imperfectly
  5. inadequately
  6. insufficiently
  7. deficiently
  8. scantily
  9. meagerly

Example Sentences with Completely

Here is a list of example sentences with Completely:

  1. The new software update completely transformed the user experience, making it more intuitive and efficient.
  2. She was completely engrossed in the captivating novel, losing track of time.
  3. The renovation project completely revitalized the old building, giving it a modern and fresh look.
  4. After the intense workout, I felt completely exhausted but satisfied with my efforts.
  5. The team’s dedication and hard work completely paid off when they won the championship trophy.
  6. The sudden change in weather caught us off guard and completely ruined our plans for the outdoor event.
  7. The new manager’s approach completely revolutionized the company’s work culture, promoting collaboration and innovation.
  8. The breathtaking view from the mountaintop completely took my breath away.
  9. The unexpected turn of events completely surprised everyone at the party.
  10. The artist’s attention to detail and precision completely captivated the audience.

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In conclusion, “completely” is a powerful adverb that denotes fullness, totality, and thoroughness in actions and experiences. By exploring synonyms such as “entirely,” “wholly,” and “utterly,” we can better express the extent of completeness in various situations. Understanding antonyms like “partially” or “incompletely” reminds us of the importance of attention to detail and striving for excellence.

As we use these words in our language, let us appreciate the beauty and richness of expressions available to us and communicate with clarity and effectiveness.

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