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What is another word for Bird? | Bird Synonyms, Antonyms and Sentences

What is another word for Bird (1)

In this article, I am going to provide a list of another word for Bird, 10 Sentences with Bird and Antonyms for Bird.

Birds have captivated humans for centuries with their graceful flight, vibrant plumage, and melodic songs. If you’re looking for alternative ways to describe these fascinating creatures, this blog post is here to help. We will delve into synonyms and antonyms for the word “bird,” enabling you to add variety and depth to your descriptions.

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Origin and History of “Bird”

The term “bird” can be traced back to Old English, derived from the Proto-Germanic word “burdǭ.” Birds have been an integral part of human culture and mythology throughout history, symbolizing freedom, beauty, and the connection to the natural world.

What is the meaning of Bird?

The word “bird” has a number of different meanings. Some of the most common meanings of the word “bird” include:

Real-World Examples of Bird

  1. Bird: The robin perched on the tree branch, its vibrant red breast catching the sunlight, signaling the arrival of spring.
  2. Bird: The majestic eagle soared through the sky, its powerful wings outstretched, effortlessly riding the thermal currents in search of prey.

List of synonyms/another word for Bird

Here is the list of another word for Bird:

  1. Avian
  2. Fowl
  3. Winged creature
  4. Feathered friend
  5. Songbird
  6. Raptor
  7. Waterfowl
  8. Aves
  9. Ornithological specimen
  10. Flyer

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List of antonyms for Bird

Here is the list of of opposite words for Bird:

  1. Mammal
  2. Reptile
  3. Amphibian
  4. Invertebrate
  5. Fish

10 Sentences with Bird

Here is a list of 10 Sentences with Bird:

  1. The bird flew away.
  2. The little girl loved to watch the birds.
  3. The bird’s nest was in the tree.
  4. The birdwatchers saw a rare bird.
  5. The bird flew into the window.
  6. The bird was singing a beautiful song.
  7. The bird was a symbol of peace.
  8. The bird was a sign of spring.
  9. The bird was a delicacy in some cultures.
  10. The bird was a source of inspiration for many artists.

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In conclusion, birds are fascinating creatures that have captivated humans throughout history. By exploring synonyms such as “avian,” “winged creature,” or “feathered friend,” we can enrich our descriptions and portray the diverse world of birds with more depth. Conversely, antonyms like “mammal” or “reptile” remind us of the unique characteristics that set birds apart in the animal kingdom. By expanding our vocabulary, we can better appreciate and convey the beauty and wonder of these remarkable beings.

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