What are two major Classification of Plants?

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Classification of Plants: There are over 300,000 plants in the plant kingdom Plantae. They are spore-producing plants that produce very few spores. Plants from simple to complex flowering plants.

As the animal kingdom can be divided into classes or families, so is the plant kingdom.

A group of animals is the highest after the kingdom Phylum. The plant kingdom calls the same group a Division However;, the term “phylum” can also be used.

Here are the primary divisions of land plants. This group is also known as Embryophyta. This does not include the green algae. These are often considered to belong to the kingdom Plantae.

These are the mainland plant groups. Flowering Plants and Non-Flowering Plants.

Flowering Plants

Plants on which flowers grow are called flowering plants. Mustard, sunflower, rose, guava and lemon are examples of flowering plants. Flowering plants may be herbs, shrubs, and trees. Flowering plants are of various colours and sizes.
Pictures of some flowering plants are given below:

Flowering plants

Non-Flowering Plants

The plants on which flowers do not grow are called non-flowering plants. Moss, fern and conifer are the examples of non-flowering plants. Pictures of some non-flowering plants are given below:

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