What Are the New Features in Android 11?

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If you’ve been looking forward to trying out Android on your Android phone, then you should have some good news: the latest Android release, Android 11, is available to download straight from Google. And thanks to the new Android Beta program, there are even more new features and tweaks to try out than before. Here, we’re going to go hands-on with all of the new features and changes we’ve discovered in Android 11, and share every single one we’ve spotted with you.

One of the biggest and most prominent new features in Android is the new “Action Bar” system. This new system provides a wide variety of shortcuts to your most commonly used apps, allowing you to access them easily and quickly. There are also a few other useful features like an in-call recording feature, and a ‘recent apps’ panel where you can see your most recent emails, contacts, and other important data, right on the lock screen.

The introduction of a quick settings panel on the lock-screen has enabled Android users to customise their phone even further. You can choose what time of day to display the clock, how long you need to swipe between options (like brightness) and even have some extra options on your screen such as displaying a ‘contact calendar’ widget on the lock screen. Other customization options include the ability to enable or disable the ‘WiFi’ feature on your phone.

And, as with any other new version of Android, the Android Market has also received a number of significant updates, which you can check out by downloading the latest APK on Google Play. Some of these features include the ability to search by specific product range, a brand new search option which show results based on your zip code, and the ability to share links with friends.

But not all of these new features are necessarily bad. For example, you may have noticed that some of your favourite apps (such as Facebook and Twitter) have received new versions which include a new appearance and improved functionality.

And while Google has yet to make an official announcement, many of these new features will be available to everyone’s phones in the Google Play Store when the update officially rolls out. But if you want to get hold of them now, you can try searching for the Android Beta version of Google Play. or downloading the APK from Google’s website.

The latest Android upgrade has received many other exciting additions to the user experience, including the “Doze” technology which allows your phone to hibernate so that your battery stays fully charged during the day. And, thanks to Google’s new “Quick Settings” feature, you’ll be able to tweak your screen to suit your personal style without having to open an app. And if you’re worried about the performance of your phone’s camera, you should know that Android 11 has a new “Auto-backup” feature which will save all of your photos in the cloud, ensuring that you can get them back if your phone ever loses its power. There’s also a new “Notification Center” which can be used to see which SMS and MMS messages you have missed, and find out who is at your front door before the alarm goes off in the morning.

The new Android release will definitely be a big boost for Google’s mobile ambitions, but it’s only the beginning. And with so many new features and exciting additions, it’s easy to see why people around the globe are already anticipating the arrival of Android at its full launch this coming September.

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