What are the characteristics of living things?

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On the way from your home to school, you would have seen many things. Make a list of the things you see everyday, you may add these to the list. How would you decide that things are living or non-living?

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Characteristics of Living Things

Can you think of some more qualities of living things?

Characteristics of Major Groups of Living Things

Do you know that both plants and animals are living things? You might have seen animals like butterfly, sparrow, goat, cow and fish. Yo_u might have also seen plants like trees of apples, bananas, orange and mangoes. If both plants and animals are living, then what is the difference between them?
The two major groups of living thing are:

  1. Plants
  2. Animals

Similarities and Difference between Plants and Animals

Look at the pictures of a mango tree and a goat. Analyze the differences and similarities between these two living things.

Plants are:

  • Usually green in colour.
  • Able to make their own food.
  • Unable to move from one place to the other.

Animals are:

  • Usually of various colours.
  • Dependent on plants and other animals for their food.
  • Able to move from one place to the other.

Similarities Between Plants and Animals

  • Grow
  • Respire
  • Reproduce

Do You Know?

  1. Living things have characteristics of excretion and sensitivity.
  2. Both plants and animals need food, sunlight, water and air.
  3. Plants provide oxygen to the environment. Thank you, plants!

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