What are Major Body Parts, Vital Organ an their Functions?

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What are Major Body Parts? Teeth, bones, lungs, heart, brain and muscles are major body parts and vital organs that we will study here.

Major Human Body Parts


Can you swallow large pieces of bread or meat without chewing? Our teeth break our food into small pieces. There are four types of teeth that perform different roles in breaking the food.

A tiger has large canines whereas a rat has large incisors. A tiger u es its canines for piercing the prey and rat uses its incisors for biting food or killing prey.


Press any bone of your body. Is it hard or soft? Most bones are hard They are of various sizes and shapes. For example the bones of the arm are longer than those of fingers. All the bones are united with one another at joints. All bones of the body make a frame called skeleton. Can you tell the functions of bones? What will happen if there are no bones in the human body?


  1. Observe the lungs of a goat and touch them.
  2. What is the colour of the lungs?
  3. Why are the lungs spongy?
  4. What will happen if air is.filled into the lungs through a windpipe?

When we breathe, which part of our body is filled with air? During breathing air enters our lungs through nose. From nose, air goes into a windpipe. The windpipe opens in two lungs. The lungs are surrounded by ribs. Our lungs keep on expanding and contracting. The exchange of oxygen between blood and air takes place in the lungs.


Put your hand on the ribs of the left side. Do you feel the “beat”? The beat you felt is that of the heart. The heart is surrounded by the ribs. It works like a pump throughout the life. The muscles of the heart contract and relax. The function of the heart is to pump blood air over the body through the blood vessels.


The stomach is a bag-like organ. It is present on the left side below the heart. It is the biggest part of the digestive track. It secretes digestive juice. The muscles of the stomach grind the food and the digestive juice digests the food.


When we smile, 14 muscles are needed. There are almost 600 muscles in ·a human body. Almost half of the body weight is due to muscles.

Muscles are present in various parts of the body. Muscles are also attached with bones. They are soft are can contract and relax. They are pink or red in Colour. You must have seen the meat of cow, goat, or hen. What is their colour?

Muscles perform various functions. Muscles work with the bones and joints to help you move hands, arm, feet and legs. Due to these movements we can sit, walk, run and jump. Our heart pumps blood with the help of muscles. Muscles move food through the digestive system. It is due to muscles that our lungs expand and contract.

Do you know?

When the muscles attached with bones contract, they pull the bones. Due to this bones move at the joint. A joint is where bones are connected, for example, elbow, wrist, knee etc. Muscles work in pairs. When one muscle contracts the other relaxes.


The brain is the most important part of our body. It is present within our skull. It controls all the functions of our body. It collects information from different parts of our body and decides the type of response our· body should give.

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