Want to start making money from YouTube and How Can It Help My Online Earning?

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Passive income: That’s the dream for everyone, right? Making money while you sleep!

One time work and always earning.

The idea behind YouTube Online Earning is that you monetize your YouTube channel with AdSense.

With this YouTube Online Earning guide, I want to provide you all the details about:

  • Basics of YouTube
  • How does YouTube channel works
  • YouTube Channel Terminologies
  • How to get started with YouTube Channel?
  • How do you get more view to your YouTube videos?
  • How YouTubers get Paid?

Do You Know?

  1. At an average, over 300 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube, – every minute
  2. YouTube has over a billion users & each day those users watch a billion hours of video.
  3. YouTube was ranked as the 2nd most popular site by Alexa Internet.
  4. 6 out of 10 people prefer YouTube & other online video platforms to live TV.
  5. YouTube is also the world’s 2nd largest search engine (after Google) and the 3rd most visited site on the internet.

How to Earn Money from YouTube?

Here are some suitable steps to start earn money from YouTube Channel.

  1. Start Your YouTube Channel
  2. Create Videos
  3. Upload Videos
  4. Apply for YouTube Partnership
  5. Promote your video
  6. Make money from Your Videos

1. YouTube Channel

Creation of YouTube channel is very easy. You have to do some steps.

  1. Go to YouTube and signup with your Google account.
  2. Click on the bar in the left corner beside the YouTube logo.
  3. Now click on My Channels (from the drop-down menu).
  4. You will see a box appear with your name highlighted and the heading – Set up your channel on YouTube. Select it.
  5. Update your channel with your relevant personal info.
  6. All you have done!

2. Video Recording

For a beginner, the best (and cheapest) way to produce a video would be via your smartphone or your computer webcam. To be fair, it’s an excellent option for newbies in the initial days when you’re still finding your way around, not earning any money from YouTube (videos) and have limited supply of cash.

However, the time once you will got to invest during a smart digital camera and once your channel starts creating some cash – buy high resolution camera.

Other than a camera you need following things to make your videos.

  • Tripod
  • Good Microphone
  • Screen Recorder
  • Video and Audio Editing Software

3. Upload Videos

It’s quite simple, really. Just log on to YouTube and click the upload (arrow) button on the upper right-hand corner of the page which will take you directly to the Upload page.

Do bear in mind to line the privacy level before uploading your video on YouTube. You can choose from:

Public – Anyone can see your video.

Unlisted – Only people who have a link to your video will be able to view it.

Private – It are often seen by you and also the users you choose to observe the video.

Scheduled – It can only be viewed at the specific date and time set by you.

Once you’ve got chosen your level of privacy, click on the arrow button once more to pick the video you would like to transfer.

Alternately you can just drag and drop the file directly. You can track the video being uploaded to the standing bar provided.

Post the upload the video has to process – which can also be viewed in the status bar.

Useful Tip: HD videos (1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720) convey a awfully skilled message to viewers and area unit thence best suited to transfer on YouTube.

Tips to Write Title, Tags and Descriptions

Your TITLE is out and away the most important CHERRY ON THE CAKE! – which in this case is your video.

Its title has got to be catchy and relevant to what potential viewers could be checking out. It also matters makes a massive difference in terms of your ranking on the search results page.

Vague and convoluted titles rarely get any traction and consequently defeat their very purpose.

Tags and Descriptions are a necessary ally of your videos. The inclusion of keywords and a relevant description can help ensure your video is ranked a lot higher on Google’s search results.

Once done you can now redirect to the channel’s dedicated page to access the settings, audio, annotations, closed captions and enhancements.

It additionally permits you to look at the video analytics or access the channel video manager. With its own distinctive universal resource locator, your video is now ready for viewers who are free to LIKE, COMMENT and/or SHARE it with others.

4. Starting Monetization

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) enables video creators to earn money from their content posted on the channel.

This is sometimes via advertisements seen on their content and from YouTube premium subscribers United Nations agency watch their videos.

You can apply to hitch the YouTube Partner program directly from your individual account within the creator studio. On January sixteen, 2018, Google announced new eligibility requirements for its YouTube Partner Program.

Once a channel reaches four,000 watch hours in the preceding 12 months and has a minimum of 1,000 subscribers it is reviewed to join the program.

How to Apply:

There are 2 possible scenarios for this.

The first involves channels which have already been in YPP, in which case the channel will automatically be reassessed when it qualifies under the new terms.

Channels owners also have the option of checking their monetisation status at Creator Studio/Channel/Monetization.

Those whose channel is however to achieve entry into YPP got to perceive the four steps mentioned in their Creator Studio account. Once the channel meets the qualifying criteria, it will be reviewed to join.

5. Promote YouTube Videos

So far so good. Now here is the slightly tricky part. Making sure your video has what it takes to draw in viewers isn’t “child’s play”. It wants a customized promotional strategy and tons of diligence.
To begin with, you initially ought to check that that your video is absolutely optimized in terms of updated SEO parameters.
Ensure the use of adequate keywords inside your meta-description and uniform resource locator before uploading the video to your landing page.
Once done, you’re currently able to share it on your social media platforms to woo Associate in Nursing audience.
You can additionally use tools like hashtags, procured pre-roll ads (available on YouTube) and post at the foremost opportune time to maximise the reach.
You can additionally leverage the reach afforded by social media influencers, forums and bloggers to garner a lot of traction and gain a wider audience.

  • Paid Promotion
  • Making website landing page
  • Answering in different websites. Quora
  • Article publishing about YouTube videos.
  • SMS Service
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement


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