Want to start making money from Android Apps and How Can It Help My Online Earning?

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Passive income: That’s the dream for everyone, right? Making money while you sleep! Making money from Android Apps is not difficult now!

The idea behind Android Apps Online Earning is that you monetize android apps and In-App purchases, if people actually end up downloading and using android apps.

With this Android App Online Earning guide, I want to provide you all the details about:

  • Basics of Android Apps
  • How does android apps works
  • Android Apps Terminologies
  • How to get started with android apps?
  • How do you get more downlods to your play store android apps?
  • How android apps publishers get Paid?

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Android App Development

When thinking about android app development, first come in mind, apps development from Native android app development. Native platform includes the following components:

  • Android Studio
  • Java Language
  • HTML (XML-Layout)

However, some websites provide dashboards that make apps systematically for you, just following some rules. This method not popular for good earning apps. This is very easy, beginners can easily make small chunk of money with less or no development learning.

Android Apps Development Steps

To build good income android app then you must go planning. There are some phases to develop android apps.

  1. Idea (Niche)
  2. Apps Requirement (SR Document)
  3. Development
  4. Testing
  5. Publishing to PlayStore

1. Idea (Niche)

Great minds come up with great ideas. Idea in android app development has major role. Idea means which type of app your want to make. For example, Are you want to make app like WhatsApp or Online Car Booking app. Keyword research can help to develop a good idea to make android app.

2. App Requirement (SR Document)

App requirement document means frame out all possible designs and function clients wants in app. SR stands for Software Requirement, document that has all requirement about app. Probably written document in MS-Word.

3. Development Phase

Development phase is very important as all designs and functions are implemented in this phase.Development requires:

  • Android Studio
  • Java Language Knowledge
  • Layout Designs

In android studio designs are made first with layout editor interface and then with the help of JAVA language functionality attached to design elements.

4. Testing Phase

In testing phase, always focus on investigation and discovery. After developing android app we must check whether the android app is working according to requirement entered in SR (Software Requirement) document. Different test plans conducted. Testing android app on different version of android software.

5. Publishing to PlayStore

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to publish it on the Google Play Store for your Android users.

STEP-1: Create a Developer Account. First of all you must have a google play console publisher account. This can easily be set up with your existing google email account with 25$ cost.

STEP-2: Create an App.

  • Navigate to the ‘All applications’ tab in the menu
  • Click on ‘Create Application’
  • Select your app’s default language from the drop-down menu
  • Type in a title for your app
  • Click on “Create”

Step 3: Prepare Store Listing

  • Title 50 Character limit
  • Short Description 80 Character limit
  • Full Description 4000 Character limit
  • Graphic assets: 1 graphic 512x512px, 1 Graphic 500x1024px
  • Language: Language of description selection
  • Category: Whether it is android game or utility tools etc.
  • Contact: Phone number and email address provided in this section
  • Privacy Policy: Privacy policy about android application is attached in this section.

Step 4: Upload APK to an App Release. Google interface offers many ways to upload APK file but you have to generate an app release first.

Step 5: Provide an Appropriate Content Rating. Without content rating you can not publish app. Wrong content rating will lead your play console in danger mode. App may be removed or suspend account.

Step 6: Set Up Pricing & Distribution. These are online earning settings. Here select option if you want monetize app with ads. Distribute app in which country you want.

Step 7: Rollout Release to Publish Your App. This is final step to live up the android application in the Google Play Store.This will also publish your app to all users in your target countries on Google Play Store.

Promoting Android App

Fun just begun! If you publish app and promote then this leads to garbage. Different strategies are available for promoting apps.

  • Paid Promotion
  • Making website landing page
  • Answering in different websites. Quora
  • Article publishing about app.
  • SMS Service
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement 

Ways of Earning from Android Apps

Several ways of earning from android apps. Some of them are following:

  1. Paid Android Apps
  2. Money from in-app Purchase
  3. Ads (Advertisement)
  4. Sponsorships
  5. Money with Subscription System

1. Paid Android Apps

The most direct thanks to build cash from Google Play Store would be commercialism your app. Though, if you want users to prefer your paid app over free alternatives, you will need to offer a much better service than those. If you can get the users to prefer your paid app then you have found the most direct way to make money from your app. However, it isn’t always easy to be successful with paid apps. You will need to target a very specific niche and provide the best solution there. If you can’t solve a very specific problem of your target audience, and do it in the best way compared to others who try, users will not be too likely to choose your app. It may also be good to know that iOS users are more inclined to buy paid apps compared to Android users.

2. Money from in-app Purchases

In-app purchases are most common ways that to come up with cash together with your app. They are used most commonly in games and other entertainment apps. Offering things like game money, new characters, character outfits etc. can be desirable enough for your users to pay for them. If your app is not a game, you can still follow this option. For example, you’ll provide basic practicality for free of charge, but make certain features “premium” and allow users to buy them. However, do consider that in recent years many users developed a dislike towards in-app sale.

3. Ads – Advertisement

According to surveys, 49 percent of mobile apps feature in-app ads. While in past ad revenues were behind in-app purchases by some margin, the gap is closing each year. This option also allows you to provide your app for free to the users. Therefore, you’ll get more users to transfer and check out your app. Unlike in-app purchase option, users will not need to pay anything to enjoy your app.

Another point to consider is that moderation is the key to success with mobile ads. Do not put much ads every few minutes. This will detract the users from what they are trying to do, and impact user experience very negatively. One way to get users to consume ads happily is to offer rewards for watching ad videos. You can provide users credits, coupons or game items for watching ads.

Most Famous Ads-advertisement companies are:

  • AdSense
  • Facebook Audience Network
  • Amazon Network

4. Sponsorships

If you’ll get a sponsorship deal for your app, benefits of it can be many-fold. First, a well-known sponsor will facilitate together with your app’s promotional material. Then, a good sponsorship deal can cover many of your design, development and marketing costs, therefore increase your revenues.

5. Money with Subscription System

If your app is appropriate for a subscription model, this too can help you with making money. If your app options fitness routines, you can offer more specific workouts for your subscribed users. If you produce content and share it on your app, you’ll enable subscribers to access new content before free users. Finally, your app may offer campaigns, coupons or discounts to your subscribers for a small fee.


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Did you find some great strategies of your own Android App development? What are the exciting ideas informing your own apps—and how are you implementing them to earn money online?

  • Do you agree? Do you disagree?
  • What do you think about online earning from Android Apps?
  • What would you do differently?
  • What other ideas can you add to this list that I may have not mentioned?
  • Are you ready to earn money from Android Apps?

Which of these tips would work well on your apps well? Leave a comment below to tell us what you’ll be trying out.

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