Verbs That Start With T (English Vocabulary)

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What are common verbs that start with T in English? In this article, I am going to provide you a comprehensive list of verbs starting with T. I have enlisted an extensive collection of verbs that start with T.

We have over 1000 free worksheets that will assist you to teach your kids. Here are tracing the letter T worksheets.

An excellent way to accelerate your speech is to hold a list of interesting T vocabulary verbs. Every time you pick up a new T verb, add it to your ever-growing list and organize it in alphabetical order. Look at these 1000 verbs that begin with A.

Here are 4 letter verbs that start with T, 5 letter verbs that start with T, 6 letter verbs that start with T, 7 letter verbs that start with T, and 8 letter verbs that start with T in English, arranged in alphabetical order, which helps students understand the T verbs in the proper way.

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It is a fact that there are too many lovely verbs that start with T in English; it is challenging to choose to include them in the index.

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Verbs Start With T List

Here are fundamental verbs that start with T in English that will enhance your English Vocabulary. Also Read: Adjectives That Start With N

tach uptextualisetransact
tagtexture maptransactivating
tail intexturizetransaminate
tail offthanktransanimate
take a bathThatcherizetransduct
take a bead onthawtransearth
take a bitethaytransect
take a bowthematisetranselement
take a breakthematizetransesterify
take a breaththemetransfect
take a breathertheorisetransfer
take a bullettheorizetransfigure
take a chancetheorycrafttransfix
take a crack attheorycraftingtransform
take a craptheosophisetransfuse
take a dim view oftheosophizetransgress
take a dipthermaltranship
take a dirt napthermalisetranshipping
take a divethermalisedtranshumanize
take a dumpthermalizetransilluminate
take a flierthermalizedtransilluminated
take a flyerthermoformingtransistorise
take a gamblethermoregulatetransistorize
take a ganderthermoregulatingtransistorized
take a grabthewtransit
take a guessthickentransition
take a hikethievetranslate
take a hintthintransliterate
take a hornthin outtranslocate
take a jokethincktransmigrate
take a kneethingtransmit
take a knife to a gunfightthingifytransmogrify
take a leaf out of someone’s bookthinktransmorph
take a leakthinktransmove
take a lickingthink abouttransmutate
take a licking and keep on tickingthinketransmute
take a liking tothirsttranspire
take a load offtholetransplant
take a long walk off a short pierthoriatetransport
take a long walk on a short pierthoriatedtranspose
take a lookthorntransprint
take a napthornedtransprose
take a numberthorttransrate
take a page out of someone’s bookthowttransrepress
take a page out of someone’s playbookthrashtranssex
take a pewthravetranssexed
take a picturethreadtrap
take a pillthread the needletrapan
take a powderthreadjacktrape
take a ride to Tyburnthreaptrapes
take a riskthreattrapesing
take a run atthreatentrapeze
take a seatthrepetrash
take a shine tothreshtrashed
take a shitthresh outtrashing
take a shot in the darkthridtraumatise
take a spillthrifttravail
take a spinthrilltravel
take a stab atthrivetravell
take a standthrobtraverse
take a tumblethrongtravesty
take a turnthroppletrawl
take a turn for the betterthrottletray
take a turn for the worsethrottle downtray
take a walk on the wild sidethrough-shinetray
take a whizzthrowtrayne
take a wicketthrowtreacle
take a wifethrow a bone totread
take a wrong turn at Albuquerquethrow a curvetreaded
take abackthrusttreasure
take acrossthryfallowtreat
take actionthudtreble
take advantagethugtreebank
take advantage ofthumbtreeify
take afterthumb a lifttrek
take againstthumb a ridetrellis
take aimthumb one’s nosetremble
take airthumptremoring
take aloftthundertrepan
take an axe tothunktrepan
take the plungethunkingtrepaning
take the pointthwacktrepanning
take the rapthwaptrephine
take the red pillthwarttrephining
take the reinsthwartentrespass
take the salutethwartenedtress
take the shadow for the substancethwiptret
take the shillingthwitetrial
take the standthwittletrialling
take the stumpthwocktriangularize
take the timethwonktriangulate
take the troublethynketribalize
take the veilticktrice
take the waterstickletrick
take the weight off one’s feettiddertricked out
take the wheeltiddletrickle
take the wind out of someone’s sailstiddledtrickle down
take the wrong turn at Albuquerquetidetrick-or-treat
take the wrong waytidetrifallow
take things as they cometide overtrifle
take timetidytrifle with
take time by the forelocktietrifluoromethylate
take totifftrifluoromethylated
take to hearttighttrigger
take to one’s bedtightentrike
take to one’s heelstighten one’s belttrilaterate
take to something like a duck to watertighten the purse stringstrill
take to tasktighten uptrim
take to the banktiletrindle
take to the cleanerstilltrine
take to the heathertilleringtrinket
take to the hillstillowtrip
take to the streetstilttriphosphorylate
take to wifetilttriphthongize
take too fartilt at windmillstriple
take turnstimetriplex
take umbragetimeboxtriplicate
take uptimeboxingtripod
take up a collectiontime-limittripwire
take up fortime-sharetrisect
take up the cudgel fortime-sharingtriturated
take up the gauntlettimeslottriumph
take up the glovetime-stamptrivialise
take up the hatchettime-stretchtrivialize
take up the mantletimetabletrolley
take up withtime-wastetrollied
take upon oneselftintrollop
take vowstincturetrolly
take wingtindertroop
taken abacktingetropify
talk a blue streaktinktrosh
talk a mile a minutetinkertrot
talk aroundtinkletrot off
talk attinplatetrot out
talk backtin-platetrothplight
talk bigtin-platingtrouble
talk cocktinseltroubleshoot
talk dirtytinttrounce
talk downtintacktrousered
talk down totintinnabulatetrousering
talk in circlestiptrow
talk intotippletruant
talk like an apothecarytiptoetrucidate
talk one’s way out oftiradetruck
talk outtiretruck
talk out oftirltruck
talk out of one’s arsetissuedtruck
talk out of one’s asstithetruck in
talk out of one’s eartitillatetruck out
talk out of schooltitivatetruckle
talk out of turntitletruckle
talk out one’s asstitlecasetrudge
talk overtitratetruing
talk over someone’s headtitretrump
talk pasttittertrumpet
talk roundtittivatetruncate
talk shittittle-tattletruncheon
talk shitetittuptrundle
talk shopto and frotrunking
talk smacktoadtruss
talk softly and carry a big sticktoadytrust
talk someone into somethingtoasttry
talk someone under the tabletoboggantrypsinise
talk someone’s ear offtoboggintrypsinize
talk the legs off a pottobreaktryst
talk the talktobresttrysting
talk throughtobruisetszuj
talk through one’s asstobursttubbing
talk through one’s hattochertubed
talk through one’s nosetocktubthump
talk to God on the big white telephonetockingtubthumping
talk to oneselftocleavetubularize
talk to Ralph on the big white telephonetodtubulate
talk to the handtoddletuck
talk trashtoetuck in
talk turkeytoenailtuck in
talk uptofrushtuft
tametoiltumble down
tamptoilettumble dry
tampertoleratetumble home
tantolerisetumble on
tangtolerizetumble to
tantivytombturf out
tapetombstoningturn back
tapped outtomcatturn back the clock
tappishtomfoolturn coat
tappytoneturn down
taputongturn flukes
tartongingturn heads
tartongueturn in
tar and feathertongue kissturn in one’s grave
tar with the same brushtongue punchturn inside-out
tar-and-feathertonguefuckturn into
taretongue-lashturn into a pumpkin
targettonkturn loose
tarmactonsureturn off
tarmacadamtoolturn on
tarnishtoomturn on its head
tarptootturn on one’s heel
tarretoot one’s own hornturn one on
tarrytoothbrushingturn one’s back
tasetoothingturn one’s coat
tasseltoothpickturn one’s hand to
tastetootleturn one’s nose up
taste bloodtopturn out
taste like chickentopdeckturn over
taste-testtopdressturn over a new leaf
tattingtop-dressturn over in one’s grave
tattletopdressingturn round
tattlingtopeturn someone’s crank
taunttopicaliseturn someone’s head
tautentopicalizedturn tail
tawtoplineturn the air blue
tawsetoppleturn the boat
taxtop-postturn the boat around
taxitop-ropeturn the corner
taxidermizetopspinturn the frown upside down
teatopstitchturn the other cheek
tea bagtopstitchingturn the page
teabagtoputturn the scale
tea-bagtoquaketurn the screw
teachtoquashturn the table
teamtoraceturn the tables
teartoratturn the tide
teardowntorchturn to
tearetorchingturn to custard
teargastormentturn to dust
teasetorpedoturn tricks
tease outtorpifyturn Turk
teaseltorpleturn turtle
teaselingtorqueturn two
teathetorque offturn up
teazetorqued offturn up one’s nose
teazletorrefiedturn up one’s toes
technologizetorrefyturn up trumps
tedtorrentturn upside down
teddingtortureturn with every wind
teemtoss a bone toturtled
teentoss a cointurtling
teentoss and turntush
teendtoss aroundtusk
teeptoss caution to the windtusked
teepeetoss offtussle
teetertoss one’s cookiestut
teethetoss one’s hat in the ringtutor
te-heetoss one’s hat into the ringtutting
teldtoss one’s name in the hattut-tut
telecasttoss outtwaddle
telecinetoss saladtwaddling
telecloningtoss someone’s saladtwain
telecommunicatetoss to the windtwang
telecommutetoss togethertwangle
telecommutingtoss uptwangling
teleconferencetossed saladtwank
tempertowtwist and turn
temporisetow the linetwist in the wind
temporisingtoweltwist someone’s arm
temporizetowertwist someone’s balls
tempttowertwist the knife
temsetower overtwitch
tendertoy withtwizzle
tennistrack downtwoccing
tenonedtrack withtwo-table
tergiversatetraducetype out
termtraducttype up

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I hope, you have enjoyed our list about verbs that start with T. According to my opinion read the above easy listing of XX verbs to expand your English learning skills.

Guide your children to master these basic but commonly used verbs that start with T by following the example provided above. Keep this list of English vocabulary to be handy for use in the future.

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Recap of what we just learned?

  • What are verbs that start with T?
  • Verbs that start with T
  • Verbs That Start With T List in English

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