Verbs That Start With L (English Vocabulary)

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What are common verbs that start with L in English? In this article, I am going to provide you a comprehensive list of verbs starting with L. I have enlisted an extensive collection of verbs that start with L.

We have over 1000 free worksheets that will assist you to teach your kids. Here are tracing the letter L worksheets.

An excellent way to accelerate your speech is to hold a list of interesting L vocabulary verbs. Every time you pick up a new L verb, add it to your ever-growing list and organize it in alphabetical order. Look at these 1000 verbs that begin with A.

Here are 4 letter verbs that start with L, 5 letter verbs that start with L, 6 letter verbs that start with L, 7 letter verbs that start with L, and 8 letter verbs that start with L in English, arranged in alphabetical order, which helps students understand the L verbs in the proper way.

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It is a fact that there are too many lovely verbs that start with L in English; it is challenging to choose to include them in the index.

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Verbs Start With L List

Here are fundamental verbs that start with L in English that will enhance your English Vocabulary. Also Read: Adjectives That Start With N

laagerlay wasteliberatelock-picking
laborlaze aboutlickloff
labourlaze aroundlickspittleloft
labyrinthlazy loadlielog
lacelazyloadlielog in
lace intoleachlie aroundlog off
lace upleadlie backlog on
lacerateleadlie beforelog out
lackleadlie bylogarithmize
lackelead astraylie doggologic
lackerlead by examplelie downlog-in
lackeylead by the noselie ill in one’s mouthlogon
laconizelead climblie inlog-on
lacquerlead climbinglie in one’s throatlogroll
lacqueylead inlie in waitlogrolling
lactatelead nowherelie lowloid
lactifylead offlie offloike
lactonizelead onlie through one’s teethloiter
ladderlead outlie tolojbanize
ladderizelead someone a dancelie uponLojbanize
ladelead the chargelie withlol
ladleleaf outlienloll
ladyfyleaf throughlifeloglollop
lagerleamlift a fingerLondonize
lagerleanlift offlone it
lageringleanlift someone’s spiritslong
laiciseleanlift uplong
laicizelean inliglong
laicizedlean intoligatelong for
laid downlean onligaturelongarm
laid uplean over backwardsligelongboard
laiklean towardslightlonge
laitleap down someone’s throatlightlong-haul
lakeleap to mindlight a fire underlonghauled
lakeleapfroglight someone’s firelonghauling
la-laleap-froglight uplong-hauling
lallygaglearnlighten someone’s purseloo
lamlearnlighten uplook
lam intolearn the hard waylighteringlook after
lam outlearn the ropeslight-fingerlook ahead
lamblearnelight-fingeredlook alike
lambastleaselight-footedlook alive
lameleaselightninglook around
lameleaselights outlook as if one had lost a shilling and found sixpence
lamedleaselignifylook as if one has lost a shilling and found sixpence
lamentleashlikelook at
lamesleasowlike it or lump itlook back
laminariseleatherlike likelook before you leap
laminarizeleavelike oflook beyond
laminateleavelike the sound of one’s own voicelook beyond the end of one’s nose
lamingleave a sour taste in one’s mouthlikeelook beyond the tip of one’s nose
lampleave alonelikenlook daggers
lampblackleave belikenesslook down on
lampoonleave behindlikeylook down one’s nose
lampshadeleave for deadlilllook down one’s shirt
lampshadedleave homeliltlook down upon
lampshadingleave inlimblook for
lampworkleave it all out therelimbeclook for a dog to kick
lanceleave it at thatlimberlook for trouble
lancetleave it belimberlook forward to
lanchleave no stone unturnedlimber uplook into
lancinateleave nothing in the tanklimbolook like
lancinatingleave nothing to the imaginationlimelook lively
landleave offlimelook off
land on one’s feetleave one’s markLimehouselook on
land the planeleave one’s options openlimelightlook on as
land upleave outlimewashlook on the bright side
landfillleave overlimitlook out
landlockleave someone coldlimnlook out for number one
landmarkleave someone hanginglimnedlook out for Number One
landmineleave someone high and drylimninglook over
landscapeleave someone holding the babylimplook past the end of one’s nose
landslideleave someone holding the baglimplook past the tip of one’s nose
languageleave someone in the lurchlimplook round
languagedleave someone on readlimp inlook sharp
languishleave someone on seenlimp reraiselook the other way
langureleave the nestlimpenlook the part
laniateleave to one’s own deviceslimplelook through
lankleave to the imaginationlinlook through rose-colored glasses
lankenleavenlinelook through rose-tinted glasses
lantleazelinelook to
lanternlechlinelook up
laplecherline feedlook up to
laplectureline one’s pocketslook upon
lapleechline outlooky
lap danceleechline uploom
lap upleerlineariseloom large
lapidifyleeroylingerloop in
lapperleeselingualizeloop the loop
lapseleft outlinkloose
larderhoardleft-draglink uploose cannon
larfleg glancelinkifyloosen the apron strings
largenleg itlinotypeloosen the purse strings
lariatlegaliselintloosen up
larnlegelionizelop off
larplegendizelip offlord
larrupedlegerlip synclord it over
larvicidelegionliposucklord over
laserleintlip-readlose count
lashleisterlipsticklose face
lashleklipsynclose ground
lash downlemmatiselip-synclose heart
lash outlemmatizelipsynchlose her head
lash togetherlemonlip-synchlose his head
lash uplemonizeliquatelose it
lastlemonizedliquefylose one’s balance
last outlendliquescelose one’s cool
latchlend a handliqueurlose one’s head
latchlend a helping handliquidatelose one’s life
latch onlend an earliquidiselose one’s lunch
latch ontolend itself toliquidizelose one’s mind
latenlengthliquifylose one’s rag
laterallengthenlirklose one’s shirt
lather uplesbianizelistlouden
Latiniselesionlisten afterloun
latinizelessenlisten inlounge
Latinizelessonlisten uplour
latrateletlit uplouse
latratingletliteraliselouse around
latticedlet alonelithelouse up
laudlet belithelout
laudanumlet bygones be bygoneslithelout
laughlet downlithifylove
laugh all the way to the banklet drivelitholove
laugh downlet fluffy off the chainlithobrakelove the sinner but hate the sin
laugh in one’s sleevelet flylithobrakinglove the sinner, hate the sin
laugh like a drainlet get pastlithographlove up
laugh like a hyenalet golithotypelovèd
laugh offlet go and let Godlitigateloved up
laugh on the other side of one’s facelet go by the runlitterlovered
laugh one’s head offlet her ripliuelow
laugh out of courtlet inlivelow
laugh up one’s sleevelet in onlive a lielow
laughelet it belive and let livelow
launcelet knowlive at Her Majesty’s pleasurelow five
launchlet looselive at rack and mangerlowball
launch one’s lunchlet nature take her courselive beyond one’s meanslower the boom
launderlet nature take its courselive bloglowercase
laundresslet Nature take its courselive downlowercasify
laureatelet not the sun go down upon one’s wrath, neither give place to the devillive inlowlight
lavagelet offlive in povertylowp
lavelet off steamlive in sinloyalize
laveerlet onlive it uplozenge
lavenderlet one golive largelube
lavenderedlet one offlive life to the fullestlube up
lavinglet one riplive like a fighting cocklubed
lavishlet one’s hair downlive like a kinglubricate
lawlet one’s short back and sides downlive offluck
lawelet oneself golive off the landluck in
lawelet outlive onluck out
lawinglet pastlive on the edgelue
lawnmowlet riplive on top of one anotherlues
lawnmowinglet sleeping dogs lielive outluff
Lawsonizelet slidelive over the brushluff up
lawyerlet sliplive paycheck to paychecklug
lawyer uplet someone down gentlylive the dreamluge
lawyered uplet someone golive throughlugubriate
lawyeringlet someone have itlive tweetlul
laxenlet something sliplive under a rocklull
laxeninglet the buyer bewarelive uplullaby
lay a finger onlet the cat out of the baglive withlumber
lay a foundationlet the chips fall where they maylive with oneselfluminate
lay a glove onlet the good times rolllivebloglumine
lay a venuelet the grass grow round one’s feetlivecastluminesce
lay aboutlet the grass grow under one’s feetlivenlump
lay an anchor to the windwardlet the perfect be the enemy of the goodlivenlump it
lay an egglet the sleeping dogs lieliven uplump together
lay asidelet them have itliverylunatize
lay backlet uplivescanlunch
lay barelet uslivescannedluncheon
lay bare one’s soulletchlivestreamlunge
lay bylethal chamberlivetraplungeing
lay by the heelslethargiselive-traplunt
lay chaselethargizelivetweetlurch
lay chillyletheonizelive-tweetlurch
lay claimlet’sLJBFlurch
lay downlettloadlure
lay down one’s flaglettenload uplurk
lay down the lawletterboxingloaflurry
lay down the markerletterhackloanlurry
lay eggslevantloansharklurv
lay eyes onleveeloathelurve
lay hands onleveeloavelush
lay hold oflevelloblushen
lay inlevel offloblush-roll
lay in lavenderlevel outlobbylusk
lay intolevel setloblollylust
lay it on thicklevel uplobotomiselustrate
lay lowleveliselobotomizelustre
lay oddslevelizelobsterlute
lay offlevenlobtaillute
lay onleverLoCluteinise
lay on the lineleveragelocaliseluteinize
lay on with a trowellevigatelocalizeluting
lay one’s cards on the tablelevitatelocateluv
lay one’s hands onlevyLochnerizelux
lay openlewlockluxate
lay outlewlock awayluxuriate
lay overLewinskylock downlye
lay pipelexlock hornslyghte
lay rubberlexicaliselock inlyke
lay siegelexicalizelock lipslylab
lay some skin onleynlock onlylas
lay something at the feet oflez outlock outlynch
lay the groundworkliaiselock picklyophilise
lay the pipeliaisonlock pickinglyophilize
lay the smack downliblock someone up and throw away the keylyophilized
lay tolibatelock uplyricise
lay to restlibellockenlyricize
lay tracksliberaliselockpicklyse
lay upliberalizelock-picklyze

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I hope, you have enjoyed our list about verbs that start with L. According to my opinion read the above easy listing of L verbs to expand your English learning skills.

Guide your children to master these basic but commonly used verbs that start with L by following the example provided above. Keep this list of English vocabulary to be handy for use in the future.

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Recap of what we just learned?

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  • Verbs that start with L
  • Verbs That Start With L List in English

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