Verbs That Start With K (English Vocabulary)

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What are common verbs that start with K in English? In this article, I am going to provide you a comprehensive list of verbs starting with K. I have enlisted an extensive collection of verbs that start with K.

We have over 1000 free worksheets that will assist you to teach your kids. Here are tracing the letter K worksheets.

An excellent way to accelerate your speech is to hold a list of interesting K vocabulary verbs. Every time you pick up a new K verb, add it to your ever-growing list and organize it in alphabetical order. Look at these 1000 verbs that begin with A.

Here are 4 letter verbs that start with K, 5 letter verbs that start with K, 6 letter verbs that start with K, 7 letter verbs that start with K, and 8 letter verbs that start with K in English, arranged in alphabetical order, which helps students understand the K verbs in the proper way.

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It is a fact that there are too many lovely verbs that start with K in English; it is challenging to choose to include them in the index.

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Verbs Start With K List

Here are fundamental verbs that start with K in English that will enhance your English Vocabulary. Also Read: Adjectives That Start With N

kabobkeep straightkidnapknock it off
kafirizekeep tabs onkidney punchknock it out of the ballpark
kaiakkeep termkidproofknock it out of the park
kaizenkeep the babykifeknock off
kaleidoscopekeep the ball rollingkillknock off someone’s block
kalsominekeep the faithkill offknock on
kamikazekeep the home fires burningkill one’s darlingsknock on the head
kanbanizekeep the peacekill oneselfknock on wood
kangarookeep the pot boilingkill stealknock one down with a feather
kanjifykeep the wolf from the doorkill the fatted calfknock one out
kanoodlekeep tokill the goose that lays the golden eggsknock one out of the ballpark
kaolinisekeep to one’s knittingkill the messengerknock one out of the park
kaolinizekeep to one’s own knittingkill timeknock one over with a feather
karaokekeep to oneselfkill two birds with one stoneknock oneself out
karatekeep togetherkill with kindnessknock out
karstifykeep trackkillfileknock out of the box
kartkeep underkilnknock over
karyotypekeep upkiltknock some sense into
kasherkeep up appearanceskiltknock someone off his perch
kawkeep up withkiltingknock someone’s block off
kayakkeep up with the Joneseskinknock someone’s lights out
kayakingkeep watchkindleknock someone’s socks off
kayfabekeep wicketkindleknock the daylight out of
kayfabedkeepekinescopeknock the daylights out of
kayokeevekingknock the living daylights out of
kaypohkegking hitknock the persimmon
kazookegelkinkknock the wind out of someone’s sails
KBOkeisterkinkknock together
keakkekkink outknock under
kebabkeloidkinkleknock up
kebobkembkipknock wood
kecklekenkip downknocked up
keel haulkeratinizekissknow
keel overkerbKISSknow a B from a battledore
keelhalekerb crawlkiss and make upknow B from a battledore
keelhaulkerbedkiss and tellknow backwards
keelhaulingkerbingkiss arseknow beans about
keenkerblamkiss assknow better
keenkerchiefkiss goodbyeknow every trick in the book
keepkerfkiss offknow from a bar of soap
keep a civil tonguekerfingkiss one’s ass goodbyeknow how many beans make five
keep a civil tongue in one’s headkerfufflekiss someone’s assknow in one’s bones
keep a civil tongue in one’s mouthkernkiss someone’s hemknow inside and out
keep a close watchkernedkiss someone’s ringknow inside out
keep a cool headkernelisekiss the ground someone walks onknow like a book
keep a lid onkernelizekiss the gunner’s daughterknow like the back of one’s hand
keep a lookoutkerningkiss the hem of someone’s garmentknow like the palm of one’s hand
keep a low profilekerplunkkiss the rodknow no bounds
keep a weather eye openkerrangkiss upknow of
keep acrosskersplodekiss up toknow one’s ass from a hole in the ground
keep an eye onkervekissleknow one’s ass from one’s elbow
keep an eye openketchkiss-upknow one’s head from a hole in the ground
keep an eye outketchkistknow one’s mind
keep an eye peeledketchupkistknow one’s onions
keep aroundkettlekitknow one’s own mind
keep atkettlingkit outknow one’s shit
keep awaykeykitbashknow one’s stuff
keep away fromkey downkiteknow one’s way around
keep backkey inkite jumpknow shit from Shinola
keep body and soul togetherkey intokite jumpingknow someone
keep cavekey offkiteboardknow someone from a can of paint
keep companykey upkitemarkknow someone from Adam
keep downkeyboardkitesurfknow someone from Adam’s off ox
keep faithkeyframekitesurfingknow someone in the biblical sense
keep fitkeyholekitheknow someone when
keep fromkeyholingkittenknow the difference between one’s ass and a hole in the ground
keep goingkeynotekittleknow the difference between one’s ass and one’s elbow
keep housekeypunchkittleknow the score
keep inkeyseatkittlingknow what is what
keep in mindkeystonekiverknow what one is about
keep in minekeystrokeki-yiknow what one is doing
keep in withkeywordklapknow what’s o’clock
keep it between the ditcheskibbitzklatawawknow what’s what
keep it in one’s pantskibbleklaxonknow where one stands
keep it on the barber polekibitzklaxoningknow which end is up
keep it realkibitzingkleptoparasiteknow which side one’s bread is buttered on
keep it togetherkiboshkleptoparasitingknow which way is up
keep it upkibozekleptoparasitizeknowe
keep mumkickklineknowleche
keep offkickkludgeknowledge
keep onkick against the pricksklugeknuckle
keep on keeping onkick aroundknaaknuckle down
keep on truckin’kick arseknabknuckle under
keep on truckingkick assknackknuckleball
keep one on one’s toeskick ass and take namesknackerknucklewalk
keep one’s breath to cool one’s porridgekick at the canknackeredknurl
keep one’s cards close to one’s chestkick backknagknurling
keep one’s chin upkick buttknaggedKO
keep one’s coolkick downknapkodak
keep one’s counselkick inknapsackkohl
keep one’s eye inkick into touchknauvshawlKondo
keep one’s eye on the ballkick itknawkonk
keep one’s eyes peeledkick like a muleknawkonk out
keep one’s fingers crossedkick offknawvshawlkool
keep one’s hair onkick one’s heelskneadKoranize
keep one’s hand inkick oneselfkneekosher
keep one’s hands to oneselfkick outkneeboardkosherize
keep one’s headkick over the traceskneecapkotow
keep one’s head above the waterkick some tireskneelkourbash
keep one’s head above waterkick someone when they are downkneel beforekowtow
keep one’s head below the parapetkick startkneel downkraal
keep one’s head downkick the beamknellkreasote
keep one’s head on one’s shoulderskick the bucketknickkreese
keep one’s head upon one’s shoulderskick the can down the roadknick offkreosote
keep one’s lips sealedkick the habitknifekrige
keep one’s mouth shutkick the tiresknifecrimekris
keep one’s nose cleankick the tires and light the firesknightkruppize
keep one’s options openkick the tyresknitkryptonate
keep one’s own counselkick the wheelsknit one’s browskum ba yah
keep one’s pants onkick to the curbknit one’s eyebrowskumbayah
keep one’s peacekick to touchknit togetherkurbash
keep one’s pecker upkick upknit yoghurtKuwaitise
keep one’s powder drykick up a fusskniveKuwaitised
keep one’s shirt onkick up dustknivingKuwaitize
keep one’s wits about onekick up one’s heelsknokvell
keep outkick upstairsknobkvetch
keep out ofkick with the other footknobblekvetching
keep pacekickbanknobbledkvitch
keep quietkickboxknockkyanise
keep schtumkickflipknock a buzzard off a shit wagonkyanize
keep scorekicksledknock aboutkyarn
keep shadykickstartknock aroundkybosh
keep shtumkick-startknock backkyke
keep someone companykick-stepknock bootskyoodle
keep someone in the darkkidknock downkyth
keep someone in the loopkid aroundknock for a loopkythe
keep someone on icekid on the squareknock into a cocked hatkything
keep someone postedkid-glove

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I hope, you have enjoyed our list about verbs that start with K. According to my opinion read the above easy listing of K verbs to expand your English learning skills.

Guide your children to master these basic but commonly used verbs that start with K by following the example provided above. Keep this list of English vocabulary to be handy for use in the future.

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Recap of what we just learned?

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  • Verbs that start with K
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