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What is Ecosystem and its Components?

Ecosystem and its Components: If we look around, we see a variety of living and non-living things. All the living and non-living things around...

What are Parts of Plants and their Functions?

Take a small flowering plant. Observe its various parts. Draw a sketch of the plant and label the parts of the plant. There are five...

What are Major Body Parts, Vital Organ an their Functions?

What are Major Body Parts? Teeth, bones, lungs, heart, brain and muscles are major body parts and vital organs that we will study here. Teeth Can...

What are two major Classification of Plants?

Classification of Plants: There are over 300,000 plants in the plant kingdom Plantae. They are spore-producing plants that produce very few spores. Plants from...

What are two major classifications of animals?

Classifications of animals: Put your hand on the back of your neck. Now move your hand downwards. Did you feel any bone? This is...

What are the characteristics of living things?

On the way from your home to school, you would have seen many things. Make a list of the things you see everyday, you...