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Spanish Verb Preferir Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, Examples

Preferir Conjugation

In this article, I am going to explain the Spanish verb Preferir Conjugation, Preferir synonyms, Example Sentences with Preferir, Antonyms for Preferir, meaning and translation.

In the realm of the Spanish language, certain verbs carry the essence of individuality and personal choice. “Preferir” is one such versatile verb that allows us to express our preferences and make decisions according to our inclinations.

With “preferir,” we dive into the world of choices, unlocking the power to select what appeals to us the most.

In this blog post, we will explore the conjugation of “preferir” and understand how this verb enables us to embrace our unique preferences in Spanish.

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Origin and History of Preferir

The Spanish verb “preferir” traces its roots back to the Latin word “praeferre,” which translates to “to carry in front” or “to set before.” As the Spanish language evolved, “praeferre” evolved into “preferir,” retaining its core meaning of favoring one thing over another. Throughout history, “preferir” has been pivotal in showcasing individual tastes, inclinations, and choices.

What is the Meaning of Preferir?

The primary meaning of “preferir” is “to prefer.” This versatile verb enables us to express our personal inclinations and affinities, making it an essential tool in communicating our choices. “Preferir” empowers us to prioritize and select options that resonate with our unique sensibilities.

Real-World Examples

Example 1: Prefiero el té al café

In the phrase “Prefiero el té al café,” the speaker conveys their preference for tea over coffee. This example showcases how “preferir” allows individuals to communicate their choices regarding beverages.

Example 2: Preferimos quedarnos en casa en lugar de salir de fiesta

“Preferimos quedarnos en casa en lugar de salir de fiesta” illustrates the preference of staying at home instead of going out to party. Here, “preferir” highlights the option chosen by a group of individuals.

List of Synonyms for Preferir

  1. Escoger (to choose)
  2. Optar (to opt)
  3. Elegir (to select)
  4. Decantarse (to lean toward)
  5. Seleccionar (to pick)
  6. Optar por (to opt for)
  7. Inclinarse por (to lean toward)
  8. Escoger antes que (to choose over)
  9. Decidirse por (to decide on)
  10. Ser partidario de (to be in favor of)

Sentences including Preferir

  1. Prefiero la pizza a la pasta. (I prefer pizza over pasta.)
  2. ¿Prefieres el libro en papel o en formato digital? (Do you prefer the book in paper or digital format?)
  3. Ella prefiere quedarse en casa en lugar de ir al cine. (She prefers staying at home instead of going to the cinema.)
  4. Prefiero viajar en tren en lugar de en avión. (I prefer traveling by train instead of by plane.)
  5. ¿Prefieres el color azul o el verde? (Do you prefer the color blue or green?)
  6. Los niños prefieren jugar en el parque. (The children prefer to play in the park.)
  7. Preferimos llegar temprano para conseguir buenos asientos. (We prefer to arrive early to get good seats.)
  8. Él prefiere leer novelas históricas. (He prefers reading historical novels.)
  9. Prefiero comer en casa que en un restaurante. (I prefer eating at home than at a restaurant.)
  10. ¿Prefieres hablar por teléfono o enviar mensajes de texto? (Do you prefer to talk on the phone or send text messages?)

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Preferir Present Indicative

Preferir Preterite Indicative

Preferir Imperfect Indicative

Preferir Future Indicative

Preferir Periphrastic Future Indicative

Preferir Conditional Indicative

Preferir Present Progressive/Gerund Form

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Preferir Past Participle

The past participle of “preferir” is “preferido,” used to form compound tenses like the present perfect.

Preferir Present Subjunctive

Preferir Imperfect Subjunctive

Preferir Imperative


“Preferir” is not just a verb; it is a celebration of individuality. It empowers us to express our tastes, choices, and inclinations. Embrace your preferences, communicate your unique flavors, and let “preferir” lead the way to a more colorful and fulfilling life. ¡Preferir es ser tú! (To prefer is to be you!)

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