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Spanish Verb Escribir Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, Examples

Escribir Conjugation

In this article, I am going to explain the Spanish verb Escribir Conjugation, Escribir synonyms, Example Sentences with Escribir, Antonyms for Escribir, meaning and translation.

In the vast universe of language, verbs are the stars that guide our communication. Among these celestial words, “escribir” stands as a luminary, illuminating the path of expression and creativity. As we delve into the conjugations of “escribir,” we embark on a journey of literary exploration, where words flow like rivers and ideas take flight like birds soaring high in the sky.

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Origin and History of Escribir

The roots of “escribir” can be traced back to the Latin word “scribere,” which means “to write.” With the passage of time, this verb found its way into the Spanish language, taking on a profound significance in the realms of literature, communication, and documentation.

What is the Meaning of Escribir?

At its essence, “escribir” translates to “to write” in English. However, its significance surpasses mere physical acts of putting pen to paper or tapping keys on a keyboard. “Escribir” embodies the art of expression, allowing individuals to unleash their thoughts, emotions, and imagination onto the canvas of written language.

Real-World Examples

Example 1: La escritora escribe un poema sobre la belleza de la naturaleza. (The writer writes a poem about the beauty of nature.)

In this example, “escribe” highlights the action of the writer penning a poem, encapsulating her admiration for the natural world.

Example 2: Los estudiantes escriben sus ensayos para la clase de literatura. (The students write their essays for the literature class.)

Here, “escriben” signifies the academic act of writing essays, showcasing the students’ understanding of literary concepts.

List of Synonyms for Escribir

  1. Redactar (to draft)
  2. Componer (to compose)
  3. Crear (to create)
  4. Plasmar (to portray)
  5. Transcribir (to transcribe)
  6. Registrar (to record)
  7. Apuntar (to jot down)
  8. Anotar (to take notes)
  9. Documentar (to document)
  10. Publicar (to publish)

10 Short Sentences for Escribir in Spanish

  1. Escribe tu diario personal todos los días. (Write your personal diary every day.)
  2. El periodista escribe un artículo sobre política. (The journalist writes an article about politics.)
  3. Los niños escriben cartas a Papá Noel en Navidad. (The children write letters to Santa Claus at Christmas.)
  4. Escribimos tarjetas de cumpleaños para nuestros amigos. (We write birthday cards for our friends.)
  5. Escribe un mensaje de agradecimiento a tus padres. (Write a thank-you message to your parents.)
  6. Los autores escriben libros que inspiran a la gente. (Authors write books that inspire people.)
  7. Escribo poemas para expresar mis sentimientos. (I write poems to express my feelings.)
  8. Escribid una lista de cosas que queréis hacer en vacaciones. (Write a list of things you want to do on vacation.)
  9. Escriben notas en sus cuadernos durante la clase. (They write notes in their notebooks during class.)
  10. El escritor escribe una novela que cautiva a los lectores. (The writer writes a novel that captivates readers.)

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Escribir Present Indicative

Escribir Preterite Indicative

Escribir Imperfect Indicative

Escribir Future Indicative

Escribir Periphrastic Future Indicative

Escribir Conditional Indicative

Escribir Present Progressive/Gerund Form

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Escribir Past Participle

Escribir Present Subjunctive

Escribir Imperfect Subjunctive

Escribir Imperative


As we reach the final punctuation mark of our exploration, “escribir” stands tall as the beacon of language, inviting us to wield the power of words to convey our thoughts, stories, and dreams. From journal entries to masterpieces, the conjugations of “escribir” connect humanity through the indelible ink of expression. As we continue our linguistic odyssey, may we remember the transformative magic of “escribir” and the infinite worlds it unlocks with each stroke of the pen or tap of the keyboard. As the saying goes, “El poder de la palabra escrita es un tesoro para el alma” (The power of the written word is a treasure for the soul). Let us treasure and embrace this gift, nurturing our creativity and sharing our narratives with the world through the art of “escribir.”

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