Spanish Verb Cerrar Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, Examples

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In this article, I am going to explain the Spanish verb Cerrar Conjugation, Cerrar synonyms, Example Sentences with Cerrar, Antonyms for Cerrar, meaning and translation.

In the tapestry of language, verbs form the very fabric that weaves together our expressions and actions. One such foundational verb in the Spanish language is “cerrar,” which encapsulates the essence of closure and completion. From shutting doors to concluding chapters in life, “cerrar” empowers us to embrace endings and welcome new beginnings.

Let us embark on a linguistic journey to unravel the intricacies of “cerrar” and its conjugations that hold the key to transitions and transformations.

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Origin and History of Cerrar

The etymological roots of “cerrar” can be traced back to the Latin word “cerrare,” meaning “to shut” or “to enclose.” As language evolved, “cerrar” found its way into the Spanish lexicon, becoming a versatile verb that symbolizes the act of closing and sealing.

What is the Meaning of Cerrar?

At its core, “cerrar” translates to “to close” in English. However, its significance transcends mere physical actions of shutting doors or lids. “Cerrar” embodies the concept of concluding, sealing, and finalizing both tangible and intangible elements in life.

Real-World Examples

Example 1: María cierra el libro con una sonrisa. (María closes the book with a smile.)

In this example, “cierra” represents the physical action of closing the book, but it also conveys a sense of satisfaction and contentment as María concludes her reading.

Example 2: El equipo de desarrollo cierra el proyecto después de meses de trabajo. (The development team closes the project after months of work.)

Here, “cierra” carries the metaphorical meaning of concluding a long and arduous project, signifying the achievement of completion and closure.

List of Synonyms for Cerrar

  1. Concluir (to conclude)
  2. Terminar (to finish)
  3. Acabar (to end)
  4. Finalizar (to finalize)
  5. Sellar (to seal)
  6. Encerrar (to enclose)
  7. Tapar (to cover)
  8. Rematar (to finish off)
  9. Finalizar (to end)
  10. Liquidar (to settle)

10 Sentences for Cerrar in Spanish

  1. Cierra la puerta antes de salir. (Close the door before leaving.)
  2. La tienda cierra a las nueve de la noche. (The store closes at nine in the evening.)
  3. Los empleados cierran sus computadoras al final del día. (The employees close their computers at the end of the day.)
  4. Es hora de cerrar este capítulo y comenzar uno nuevo. (It’s time to close this chapter and start a new one.)
  5. La chef cierra el plato con una pizca de perejil. (The chef finishes the dish with a pinch of parsley.)
  6. El atleta cierra la carrera con una espectacular victoria. (The athlete finishes the race with a spectacular victory.)
  7. El equipo de rescate cerró la operación con éxito. (The rescue team concluded the operation successfully.)
  8. Los organizadores cierran el evento con un emotivo discurso. (The organizers conclude the event with an emotional speech.)
  9. Cierra los ojos y respira hondo para relajarte. (Close your eyes and take a deep breath to relax.)
  10. El empresario cierra un trato millonario con su socio. (The businessman closes a million-dollar deal with his partner.)

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Cerrar Present Indicative

  • Yo cierro (I close)
  • Tú cierras (You close)
  • Él/Ella/Usted cierra (He/She/You close)
  • Nosotros/Nosotras cerramos (We close)
  • Vosotros/Vosotras cerráis (You all close)
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes cierran (They/You all close)

Cerrar Preterite Indicative

  • Yo cerré (I closed)
  • Tú cerraste (You closed)
  • Él/Ella/Usted cerró (He/She/You closed)
  • Nosotros/Nosotras cerramos (We closed)
  • Vosotros/Vosotras cerrasteis (You all closed)
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes cerraron (They/You all closed)

Cerrar Imperfect Indicative

  • Yo cerraba (I used to close)
  • Tú cerrabas (You used to close)
  • Él/Ella/Usted cerraba (He/She/You used to close)
  • Nosotros/Nosotras cerrábamos (We used to close)
  • Vosotros/Vosotras cerrabais (You all used to close)
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes cerraban (They/You all used to close)

Cerrar Future Indicative

  • Yo cerraré (I will close)
  • Tú cerrarás (You will close)
  • Él/Ella/Usted cerrará (He/She/You will close)
  • Nosotros/Nosotras cerraremos (We will close)
  • Vosotros/Vosotras cerraréis (You all will close)
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes cerrarán (They/You all will close)

Cerrar Periphrastic Future Indicative

  • Yo voy a cerrar (I am going to close)
  • Tú vas a cerrar (You are going to close)
  • Él/Ella/Usted va a cerrar (He/She/You are going to close)
  • Nosotros/Nosotras vamos a cerrar (We are going to close)
  • Vosotros/Vosotras vais a cerrar (You all are going to close)
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes van a cerrar (They/You all are going to close)

Cerrar Conditional Indicative

  • Yo cerraría (I would close)
  • Tú cerrarías (You would close)
  • Él/Ella/Usted cerraría (He/She/You would close)
  • Nosotros/Nosotras cerraríamos (We would close)
  • Vosotros/Vosotras cerraríais (You all would close)
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes cerrarían (They/You all would close)

Cerrar Present Progressive/Gerund Form

  • Yo estoy cerrando (I am closing)
  • Tú estás cerrando (You are closing)
  • Él/Ella/Usted está cerrando (He/She/You are closing)
  • Nosotros/Nosotras estamos cerrando (We are closing)
  • Vosotros/Vosotras estáis cerrando (You all are closing)
  • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes están cerrando (They/You all are closing)

Cerrar Past Participle

  • Cerrado (closed)

Cerrar Present Subjunctive

  • Que yo cierre (That I close)
  • Que tú cierres (That you close)
  • Que él/ella/usted cierre (That he/she/you close)
  • Que nosotros/nosotras cerremos (That we close)
  • Que vosotros/vosotras cerréis (That you all close)
  • Que ellos/ellas/ustedes cierren (That they/you all close)

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Cerrar Imperfect Subjunctive

  • Que yo cerrara (That I closed)
  • Que tú cerraras (That you closed)
  • Que él/ella/usted cerrara (That he/she/you closed)
  • Que nosotros/nosotras cerráramos (That we closed)
  • Que vosotros/vosotras cerrarais (That you all closed)
  • Que ellos/ellas/ustedes cerraran (That they/you all closed)

Cerrar Imperative

  • Cierra (Close – singular)
  • No cierres (Don’t close – singular)
  • Cierre (Close – formal singular)
  • No cierre (Don’t close – formal singular)
  • Cerremos (Let’s close)
  • No cerremos (Let’s not close)
  • Cerrad (Close – plural)
  • No cerréis (Don’t close – plural)
  • Cierren (Close – formal plural)
  • No cierren (Don’t close – formal plural)


In the symphony of Spanish verbs, “cerrar” strikes a resounding chord that echoes the beauty of closure and the promise of new beginnings. From shutting doors to sealing fates, this versatile verb guides us through the inevitable transitions of life.

As we bid farewell to the myriad conjugations of “cerrar,” may we embrace the power of closure to open our hearts to the infinite possibilities that await. Cerrar una puerta, abrir un nuevo horizonte. (Close a door, open a new horizon.)

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