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In all languages on the planet, every word has a minimum of one syllable. Do you know this before? “bureaucratic” has four syllables, “Between” has two syllables, “dish” has one syllable, “investment” has three syllables, but today, I want to write about six syllable words!

There will be instances when a long word is better. Today we will be discussing why syllables matter and when words should have more words than words with fewer.

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What are syllables?

These are a few Mono-Syllable words (One-Syllable WORDS). Understanding syllables is key to understanding word stress. A syllable can be described as a unit in pronunciation. A syllable can be a single vowel sound or contain one vowel and one or more consonant sounds. With a few exceptions, every syllable has at least one vowel. Each word is composed of syllables. Each word can have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine or even more syllables.

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Six Syllable Words Definition

A word having s Six sounds is called a Six-syllable word. Some words have Six units of sound, which means they have Six syllables.


A word having six syllables is called polysyllabic word. e.g.

antediluvian, incomprehensible, indefatigable, supernumerary, circumnavigation, discontinuity prestidigitation superannuated
disambiguation, dissimilation, responsibility, teleportality, disappriciated, ellemosynary etc.

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Why do Six syllable words matter?

As we have said, Six syllable words are important because talking to people doesn’t mean we want to bore them with short words. Instead, we want to get the point across as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You may need to use Six-syllable words at times because there aren’t shorter words that will not change your point.

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How to teach Six syllable words in primary school?

To help children understand the concept of three syllable words, teachers will often ask them to get their children to clap the syllables for a word. To introduce syllables, ask children to stand up and speak their name while simultaneously clapping the syllables.

Example Syllable Games:

When to not use 6-syllable words?

However, the following are instances when you shouldn’t use such short words.

When you talk to someone new, you want them to see you as someone they can trust and have a great conversation with. You want to consider this person your friend.

If you are explaining something to a novice, it is important to use language they can understand.

Six Syllable Words List

Here is the big collection of Six syllable words that can be introduced to primary school students.

01. Saponification02. Abiogenesis
03. Capitalization04. Biodiversity
05. Trichomoniasis06. Responsibility
07. Personification08. Prestidigitation
09. Voluminosity10. Plasmodesmata
11. Desertification12. Extraterrestrial
13. Capitalisation14. Abecedarian
15. Mesopotamia16. Accountability
17. Electrifying18. Imperialism
19. Veterinarian20. Indefatigable
21. Alphabetisation22. Collectivization
23. Bioterrorism24. Dimethyltryptamine
25. Encyclopedia26. Identification
27. Revolutionary28. Acanthisittidae
29. Characterization30. Benzodiazepine
31. Sphygmomanometer32. Generalization
33. Beneficiary34. Biotechnology
35. Amniocentesis36. Antidiabetic
37. combination38. commissioner
39. Enthusiastically40. Antepenultimate
41. Acclimatization42. Archaebacteria
43. Hydroelectricity44. Humanitarian
45. Abdominoplasty46. Autobiography
47. Identifiable48. Rationalisation
49. Australopithecus50. Characteristically
51. Initialisation52. Undifferentiated
53. Adaptability54. Bioluminescence
55. Atherosclerosis56. Anaplasmosis
57. Apprehensiveness58. Syllabification
59. Abecedarius60. Idiosyncrasy
61. Invisibility62. Cardiovascular
63. Parthenogenesis64. Alienation
65. Beautification66. Acceptability
67. Involuntarily68. Bacteriology
69. Tintinnabulation70. Acanthocytosis
71. Acclimatisation72. Acetaminophen
73. Dependability74. Hyperglycemia
75. disappointment76. Discombobulated
77. Counterrevolution78. Biodegradable
79. Accelerometer80. Americanism
81. Responsibilities82. Megalomania
83. Behaviorism84. Labialization
85. Rehabilitation86. Familiarity
87. Abecedarium88. Australopithecine
89. Reconciliation90. Acetonemia
91. Unimaginable92. Integumentary
93. Insubordination94. Actinomycosis
95. Reliability96. Gastroenterologist
97. Divisibility98. Maladministration
99. Academicism100. Excommunication
Table 1: Six Syllable Words | Syllable Words Bank

Words with more syllables than Six

Do you believe that Six syllable words can be too long? Many words can be used with more.

Where do 6-syllable words lie?

When speaking to a young adult, it is essential to use as many 6 syllable words as possible. For adults, you may use more than Six or Six syllable words.


Each word will contain at least one syllable. A word’s number of syllables is determined by how many beats it contains. For example, picnic has two and examination has five.

Which of these incredibly Six syllable words that are most helpful in your daily life? Have you found any new four syllable word that are more appealing to you? Spread these 3 syllable words words by sending a text with these words for someone you love and adore.

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Did you read these Six Syllable Words List on the way? Which one do you read? Let us know if you have any question. We will gladly explain!

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