Short U Words List – Short Vowel Sound

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It cannot be easy to teach your child the short U words sound. However, our kids learned short vowels best by using simple words that use the sound.

Spend time using three to four letters and emphasize the vowel sound. Below is a short U words list that you can use for your child to help you show them a few words that result from short vowels. Again, you should stress the vowel sound and practice the short sounds of U letter.

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Short Vowels Definition

Vowels do not make a long sound in many words. Instead, they make a shorter vowel sound. How do you know the difference? It’s easy to identify short vowels. If it doesn’t sound the same as any vowel letters, then it is a short vowel. These are the most common short vowels:

  • A = “ah” as in “apple”
  • E is pronounced as ‘eh’ or ‘egg.’
  • I = “ih” as in “insect”
  • O = “awe” as in “bog”
  • U = “uh” as in “tug”

Let’s look again at the example words: ‘gun’, ‘gum’, ‘hut’, ‘rub’, ‘nut’ & ‘run.’ The word bug does not have the U long sound that the word bugle does. Instead, the vowel sound in the word “bug” is short.

Short U Words List

The I sound, the short form of the U sound, can be heard in words such as “fun and “cut.” These are just a few of the many words that use the U sound. This article includes short U words list that introduces students to the “short U” sound. It is followed by sentences that use these sounds.

01. gum02. Gus
03. gut04. hum
05. hug06. hut
07. jug08. jut
09. lug10. mug
11. nun12. nut
13. pun14. pug
15. pup16. rub
17. run18. rum
19. rut20. rug
21. sub22. sun
23. sum24. tug
25. cup26. dug
27. cut28. fun
29. cud30. gun
31. but32. suck
33. bug34. duck
35. bud36. sud
37. bus38. tux
39. bum40. fuss
41. bun41. mum
Table 1: Short U Words | Short Vowel Sound

Short U Sentences List

Here is the list of sentences having short U words sound.

  1. Jud cut his mum.
  2. The tub is much fun.
  3. Jen and Jud kiss mom in bed.
  4. Bill can run, but he can not lug a keg.
  5. Meg will hug her mom for good luck.
  6. Russ will run in the mud in a tux.
  7. The gun hit Don in the gut.
  8. Rick had a bug on his hot deck.
  9. The cup has gum but not bugs.
  10. Hug mom and pop as much as you can.

Using Short U Vowel Sounds

Although the short U words list may not be complete, it can help you understand the basic concepts of short U vowel sounds. These short U words can also be used in longer words. For example, they might be found in words with long vowel sounds or in two-lettered word “un.”

Some words have both short and long vowel sounds, depending on the time frame. For example, when the tense is present, words such as “read” are pronounced with the long vowel sound.

The tense can be changed from past to present, and the long vowel sound will be removed. Instead, the word will contain the shorter vowel sound. Example: “I’ve read the list of short vowel words, and I understand it much better now.”


Which of these incredibly short U words that are most helpful in your daily life? Have you found any new short U words that are more appealing to you? Spread these short U words by sending a text with these words for someone you love and adore.

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  • Using Short U Vowel Sounds

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