Rules for Using English Grammar Articles a and an

Rules of Using Grammar Articles with Examples

Articles have key rules in learning English Grammar. Learn English grammar articles a, an and the. Whether to pronounce ‘the’ or ‘thee’ and ‘un’ or an’. This English grammar articles class shows the 12 rules of articles in English.

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Vlogger English with Lucy is teaching the world English Grammar articles in a very natural way. Let’s check out her video on Grammar Articles.

12 Grammar Article Rules

1. ‘A’ must be used before words which begin with a vowel symbol pronounced with the same sound as the ‘y’ or a ‘w’-like sound

Examples: a unique, a euro, a unicycle, a university, etc.

2. Sometimes, ‘an’ is found before words beginning with the letter ‘h’

Examples: an hour, an honor, an heir, etc.

3. We use ‘an’ before abbreviations that begin with a vowel sound.

Examples: an M.A., an M.Sc., an M.B.B.S., etc.

4. ‘A’ or ‘an’ must be used before a singular noun standing for things that can be counted.

Examples: a chair, a bottle, an umbrella, etc.

5. ‘A’ or ‘an’ must be used before the names of professions.

Examples: a director, an editor, a teacher, etc.

6. When you mean “a typical example”, use “a” or “an.”

Examples: A cat drinks milk.

7. Such+ a/an+ noun (or) Such + a/an + adjective + noun (rare)

Examples: Such a policy, such a long trip, such a great teacher, etc.

8. The following word has an indefinite article. so + adjective + a/an + noun.

Examples: So boring a book, So beautiful an actress, etc.

9. Few’ and ‘Little’ are negative in meaning. ‘A few’ and ‘a little’ are positive and mean ‘some’.

Examples: He is young and has little experience of life.

10. In its original numerical sense of one.

Examples: Not a word was said. Twelve inches make a foot.

11. A, an = one thing or person.

Examples: She works in a hospital. I’ve got a puppy.

12. We use a/an when we say what a thing or a person is.

Examples: “Coca Cola” is a beverage. A dog is a domestic animal.

12 Article Rules: Printable Classroom Design

These days, there is trend to decorate class-room. Here I design high resolution art of 12 rules of English Grammar Articles. It can cover 8ft x 12ft without loosing any graphics quality. Here is view of 12 Rules of English Grammar Articles. Feel free to download this graphics and share to spread education.

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