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Research Institutes in Pakistan

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Research Institutes in Pakistan

National Testing Service Of Pakistan – Islamabad

Punjab Public Service Commission Of Pakistan – Lahore

Sindh Public Service Commission Of Pakistan – Karachi

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Of Commission – Peshawar

Balochistan Public Service Commission Of Pakistan – Quetta

AJK Public Service Commission Of Pakistan – Muzaffarabad

Central Cotton Research Institute – Nawabshah

Agricultural Census Organization Lahore – Lahore

Applied Economics Research Centre – Karachi

Arid Zone Research Bhawalpur – Bahawalpur

Central Cotton Research Institute Multan – Multan

Far East And Southeast Asia Study Centre – Jamshoro

National Centre Of Excellence In Analytical Chemistry – Jamshoro

Research Institutes In Di Khan – Dera Ismail Khan

Research Institutes In Islamabad – Islamabad

Research Institutes In Peshawar – Peshawar

Research Institutes In Quetta – Quetta

Research Institutes In Rahimyar Khan – Rahimyar Khan


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