Popcorn Words List for Kindergarten & Preschool Kids

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Students love learning their sight words by using the theme of popcorn. They can be told that sight words must be read quickly to be understood. We don’t sound them out. Instead, they “pop” in our heads, much as popcorn.

These words will remain “poppin” up! This game is easily implemented into your class. It can be played in literacy centers, small groups, or all classes. The sight words comprised are in it, he, love we are, pink, you are is, it, can, have up, white come, go here, this, was, played, of blue, red the, like green, yellow, look am, I, and as well as and to, brown, at, an black, orange, do. This is a fun and entertaining game to get your kids engaged with sight words!

You may anticipate learning the English Language as the most crucial or crucial aspect of your job. However, this language is essential for both adults and children. For children, there are a lot of interesting concepts and terms that could help their learning of the language.

Today, we’ll be discussing something that would seem very fun and exciting. We will be discussing Popcorn Words. You may be wondering why we’re using the word popcorn. The popcorn words can also be described as high-frequency or sight words. They are words that are frequently used or are often used in comparison to other phrases. It is surprising to learn that just 100 words constitute less than half the text. Thus the word popcorn originates from the repeated popping of words over and over repeatedly.

Popcorn Words List for Kindergarten

If you’re a greedy reader, you’ll be aware that these words are instantaneous. The reason for the study of these words is that they will aid you in learning to read. You can begin with reading simple words and then move on to more difficult words. Sometimes, working directly on difficult words could cause the learning process to be slow, and kids would not comprehend it.

With these high-frequency words, your child can increase their confidence and improve their reading process easier for them.

Table 1: Popcorn Words

Popcorn Words Example Sentences

  1. II am a fat boy.
  2. Like: They like milk.
  3. A: I am a good boy.
  4. And: I want chocolates and eggs.
  5. In: Come in Thomas.
  6. Of: This pen is of no use.
  7. Is: He is a smart student.
  8. YouYou will help them.
  9. It: It is very fast.
  10. SheShe is a cool girl.
  11. To: You have to go right now.
  12. Can: I can do it.
  13. The: I want to see the golden temple.
  14. Was: I was very hungry.
  15. Big: we have a big car.
  16. No: She said no.
  17. Me: It is about me.
  18. Said: She said I look lovely.
  19. Go: Go to your school.
  20. Am: I am the best soccer player.


Encourage your children to master these basic but often encountered words by following the simple sentences given above. Then, keep this guide to popcorn words handy for future use.

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Did you read these Popcorn Words List on the way? Which one do you read? Let us know if you have any question. We will gladly explain!

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