Packaging Components of Pharmaceutical Products

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Packaging Components of Pharmaceutical Products: Packaging is an art and science in preparing a product for transport, storage, display and use. Suitable packaging is important for the suitable purity, potency, and stability of a product.

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Types of Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Cartons
  • Containers
  • Bottles
  • Aluminium foil
  • Injectibles/ Vials
  • Paper Board
  • Paper
  • PVC Based Combinations
  • Lamitubes

Components of Pharmaceutical Packaging

A package consist of:

  • Container
  • Closure
  • Carton or outer
  • Box


In which product is placed is called a container.


Closure, which seals the container to exclude oxygen, carbon dioxide, moisture, bacteria, etc., prevents the loss of water and volatile substances from the product.

Carton or outer

Carton or outer are used for secondary protection against mechanical and environmental hazards and serve to display written information.


Multiples of the products are packed in the box. It also defense against external hazards.

Characteristics of Containers & Closures

  • The container and closure must be sufficiently strong to withstand (remain undamaged or unaffected) handling while emptying, filling, closing, sterilizing labeling, transporting, storing and use by the consumer.
  • The container and closure should not allow any loss of product due to leakage.
  • The container and closure must not react with the contents.
  • The container and closure must be heat stable if the process includes sterilization by heat.
  • The surface of the container must be clear for easy labelling.
  • The container and closure must not absorb substances from the preparation.
  • The container and closure must not impart their color, taste or odour to the preparation.
  • The container and closure must not react either with each other or with the preparation.
  • The container should be able to protect light-sensitive preparations for which amber coloured glass containers may be used.
  • The size of the container must be selected according to the size of the preparation.
  • The closure must be easy to remove and replace. The cost of container and closure should not be high.
  • The container and closure should be attractive in appearance.


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