Chapter 9: Poisonous Plants (Online MCQ Test)

Welcome to your Chapter 9: Poisonous Plants (Online MCQ Test). In this poisonous plants online quiz with questions and answers, you will learn more about extraction poisonous plants and the types. Here is the syllabus about this quiz:

  • What are poisonous plants?
  • Plants causing GIT toxicity
    • Mouth or oral cavity toxic plants
    • Gastric mucosa toxic plants
    • Gastric enteric irritant plants
    • Plants causing dryness of mouth
    • Plants causing intestinal motility
  • Plants causing CVS toxicity
  • Plants causing CNS toxicity
  • Cyanogenetic plants

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1- Plant causing oral toxicity belongs to family
2- Plant toxic to Gastric irritant belongs to family
3- Loss of voice is reported by plant…..
4- Narcissus tazeeta is found mostly in.....
5- Toxic compound causing Mouth or oral toxicity is
6- Which of the following plant is toxic to Gastric mucosa
7- Compound toxic to gstric mucosa is
8- Which of the following plant is irritant to gastric mucosa
9- Toxic component present in Aseculus indica is
10- Family of podophyllum emodi is
11- Toxic component present in podophyllum emodii is
12- Dryness of mouth is cause by plants of family
13- Toxic component “Hyoscine” is present in
14- Datura stramonium is found at …………………. Altitude
15- Plant causing eyesight weakness is
16- Conium maculatum cause toxicity by
17- Ventricular tachycardia is main symptom of toxicity by
18- Which of the following plant cause CVS disturbance
19- toxic component present in Digitalis purpura is
20- family of nerium indicum is
21- plants of digitalis are found in
22- Coniine and pseudo conhydrine is toxic component found in
23- Karabin is toxic component of plant
24- Which of following plant CNS disturbance
25- Following plants are cyanogenetic Except
26- Amygdalin is present in
27- Liver damage is cause by the toxicity of following plant
28- Convulsion is common symptoms of
29- Family of manihot esulenta is
30- All of following cause GIT toxicity Except
31- All of the following plants are irritant to gastro enteric system EXCEPT
32- All of the following plants are toxic to Gastric mucosa EXCEPT

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