Chapter 7: Chromatography (Online MCQ Test)

Welcome to your Chapter 7: Chromatography (Online MCQ Test). In this Chromatography online quiz with questions and answers, you will learn more about chromatography and its types. Here is the syllabus about this quiz:

  • What is Chromatography?
  • What are techniques of Chromatography?
  • Ascending Chromatography
  • Descending Chromatography
  • Circular Chromatography
  • Radial Chromatography
  • Difference between Chromatography and Extraction
  • Stationary Phase
  • Mobile Phase
  • Rf Value
  • Types of Chromatography
  • Paper Chromatography
  • Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)
  • Column Chromatography

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1. In chromatography, mixtures of compounds are separated on basis of relative

2. If mixtures of compounds are separated in the form rings, then it is

3. In ………….. Chromatography solvent tends to move downward.

4. in radial chromatography, components of mixture will separate in the form of

5. Stationary phase use in paper chromatography is

6. Stationary phase use in thin layer chromatography is

7. Stationary phase use in column chromatography is

8. Base line is

9. Rf stands for?

10. In circular chromatography, sample is applied

11. In radial chromatography, sample is applied

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