Chapter 5: Enzymes (Online MCQ Test)

Welcome to your Chapter 5: Enzymes (Online MCQ Test). In this Enzymes online quiz with questions and answers, you will learn more about enzyme and its properties. Here is the syllabus about this quiz:

  • Difference between Enzymes and Catalysts
  • Properties of Enzymes
  • Bromelain
  • Papain
  • Classification of Enzymes

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1. Enzymes are

2. All the chemicals that contain mainly……….are called organic substances.

3. Catalyst are

4. The velocity of the enzymatic reaction increases as the concentration of………. up to certain maximum

5. Renin curdles…………..of milk

6. It is an enzyme that acts on the substrates and remove their hydrogen molecule.

7. Trypsin acts at

8. Trypsin is secreted by

9. Pepsin acts at

10. Enzyme inactivates at

11. Optimum temperature for enzyme is

12. Source of bromelain is

13. Molecular weight of Bromelein is

14. Lipase

15. Ureases acts on

16. Deoxyribonucleases acts on

17. Maltase converts maltose to

18. The enzyme acts on protein is

19. Oxidation is catalyzed by

20. It is an enzyme that promotes or boost up the speed of the reactions in which new bonds are formed with the cleavage of ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate.)

1. Enzymes are

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