Chapter 4: Evaluation of Crude Drugs (Online MCQ Test)

Welcome to your Chapter 4: Evaluation of Crude Drugs (Online MCQ Test). In this Evaluation of Crude Drugs online quiz with questions and answers, you will learn more about evaluation of crude drugs. Here is the syllabus about this quiz:

  • Evaluation of Crude Drugs
  • Organoleptic Evaluation
  • Physical Evaluation
  • Chemical Evaluation
  • Biological Evaluation

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1. Organoleptic evaluation refers to evaluate crude drugs by

2. Nodules are

3. The average number of stomata per square millimeter of epidermis is called

4. Capsicum taste is

5. Physical constant is

6. For Mucilage, which physical constant is determined

7. NMR stands for

8. TLC stands for

9. HPLC stands for

10. Gas liquid chromatography is used to determine

11. Chemical tests are used to determine

12. Biological assay is carried out on

13. Types of biological assay are

14. In quantal biological assay, there is

15. The temperature at which solids melt to liquid is called

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