Chapter 2: Crude Drugs (Online MCQ Test)

Welcome to your Chapter 2: Crude Drugs (Online MCQ Test). Here in this crude drugs online quiz with questions and answers, you will learn more about medicinal drugs, classification methods, and their uses. Here is the syllabus about this quiz:

  • Crude Drugs
  • Classification of Crude Drugs
  • Morphological Method
  • Taxonomical Method
  • Pharmaceutical Method
  • Chemical Method

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1. Ways to classify crude drugs are

2. Gum acacia is

3. The drugs obtained directly from part of plants are

4. Minerals are

5. Aloe is

6. Crude drug is

7. In morphological method, crude drugs are classified according to

8. In taxonomical method, crude drugs are classified according to

9. In pharmacological method, crude drugs are classified according to

10. In chemical method, crude drugs are classified according to

11. Chemical constituent of bromelain is

12. Chemical constituent of hyoscyamus is

13. Chemical constituent of asafeotida is

14. Chemical constituent of agar is

15. Chemical constituent of gelatin is

16. Tannins is principle constituent of

17. Volatile oils is principle constituent of

18. Ginger contains

19. Pharmacological class of cinnamon bark is

20. Pharmacological class of castor oil is

21. Pharmacological class of belladonna is

22. Pharmacological class of strophanthus is

23. Glycerrhiza is

24. Antispasmodic drug is

26. Genetales is

27. Rhodophyta is

28. Ephedraceae is

29. Prunus is

30. Sinica is

31. Genetales is

32. Ephedra is

33. Rosales are

34. Cartilagineum is

35. Almond is

36. Ipecac is

37. Part used of saffron is

38. Part used of digitalis is

39. Part used of bitter almond is

40. Part used of rhubarb is

41. Nux vomica is

42. Tragacanth is

43. Asafeotida is

44. capsicum is

45. The drugs which are prepared from plants by incision, drying or extraction are called

46. The drugs which contain cellular tissues are called

47. Crude drugs having definite cellular tissues are termed as

48. Example of the drug obtain from plant after physical process is

49. In book “Pharmacognosy by Wallis”, natural drugs are arranged according to

50. Oil obtained from almond is an example of

51. Seeds of following drugs are used except

52. Which of the following drug is use as dried juice

53. Arranging natural drugs in phylum, order, family, genus and species is _______ Method

54. Rosaceae is family of drug

55. Taxonomical method includes all of the following categories except

56. Taxonomical method of classification of crude drugs is based on

57. Pharmacological classification of crude drugs is based on

58. Chemical classification of crude drugs is based on

59. Morphological classification of crude drugs is based on

60. Castor oil is used as

61. Drug used as anti spasmodic is

62. Digitalis and strophanthus are both use as

63. Drugs with astringent activity is (are)

64. Chemically, digitalis, aloe and senna are

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