Microbiology 20 Most Important Questions | Pharmacy Technician

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In this article, I will provide Microbiology 20 Most Important Questions. These Microbiology questions repeatedly come in various pharmacy technicians’ past papers.

Microbiology Syllabus | Pharmacy Technician

Here you will know about what is the syllabus of Microbiology for Pharmacy Technician. Total six chapters, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, Vitamins, and Biotechnology are the most important.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and scope of microbiology
  • Chapter 2: Bacteria
  • Chapter 3: Culture media
  • Chapter 4: Viruses
  • Chapter 5: Fungi
  • Chapter 6: Microbiology of water
  • Chapter 7: Microbiology of air
  • Chapter 8: Microbiology of soil
  • Chapter 9: Sterilization
  • Chapter 10: Fermentation
  • Chapter 11: Immunology
  • Chapter 12: Vaccine
  • Chapter 13: Antisera preparation

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Microbiology 20 Most Important Questions

  • Define streptococci with examples?
  • Explain TGE cell wall of gram positive and gram negative bacteria?
  • Write a short note on pathogenicity?
  • Briefly explain the immune system with diagram?
  • What are the important requirements for an ideal vaccine?
  • What is the difference between non specific antisera and specific antisera antitoxins?
  • Explain types of immunity?
  • Explain flaming and hot air oven methods of dry heat sterilization?
  • Describe different shapes of virus?
  • Describe different shapes of bacteria?
  • Describe briefly about locomotion of bacteria?
  • Describe briefly about cytoplasmic matrix?
  • Describe briefly about types of disinfectants?


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  • Microbiology Syllabus | Pharmacy Technician
  • Microbiology 20 Most Important Questions

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