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Spanish Verb Llevar Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, Example Sentences

Spanish Verb Llevar Conjugation

In this article, I am going to explain the Spanish verb Llevar Conjugation, Llevar synonyms, Example Sentences with Llevar, Antonyms for Llevar, meaning and translation.

In the realm of Spanish verbs, “llevar” holds a significant place due to its versatile nature and widespread usage. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate learner, understanding the conjugation of “llevar” is essential for effective communication in Spanish. In this blog post, we will explore the various tenses and forms of the verb “llevar,” allowing you to unlock the power of expressing possession and carrying actions.

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Origin and History of Llevar

The Spanish verb “llevar” traces its roots to the Latin word “levare,” meaning “to lift” or “to carry.” Over the centuries, this verb has evolved, acquiring new meanings and nuances. Today, “llevar” encompasses a broader spectrum of actions, making it an indispensable part of daily Spanish conversations.

What is the Meaning of Llevar?

“Llevar” is a multi-faceted verb with several meanings, depending on the context in which it is used. Primarily, it translates to “to carry” or “to take,” signifying the act of transporting an object from one place to another. Additionally, “llevar” can also convey the idea of “wearing” clothes, “bringing” something or someone along, and even expressing the passage of time or age. Its versatility makes it an incredibly dynamic verb to master.

Real-World Examples

Example 1: Llevar a cabo una tarea

Llevar a cabo is a common expression that means “to carry out a task.” For instance, “Voy a llevar a cabo el proyecto mañana” translates to “I will carry out the project tomorrow.”

Example 2: Llevar puesto un abrigo

This phrase means “to wear a coat.” So, “Ella lleva puesto un abrigo elegante” would be “She is wearing a stylish coat.”

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List of Synonyms for Llevar

  1. Portar (to carry/wear)
  2. Traer (to bring)
  3. Conducir (to drive/lead)
  4. Transportar (to transport)
  5. Sostener (to hold)
  6. Guiar (to guide)
  7. Dirigir (to direct)
  8. Llevar consigo (to take with oneself)
  9. Acarrear (to haul)
  10. Mover (to move)

10 Short Sentences including Llevar

  1. Llevo mi mochila al colegio todos los días. (I carry my backpack to school every day.)
  2. ¿Puedes llevar estas flores a tu abuela? (Can you bring these flowers to your grandmother?)
  3. El conductor lleva el autobús con destreza. (The driver drives the bus skillfully.)
  4. Llevaré la caja al sótano. (I will take the box to the basement.)
  5. Vamos a llevar a cabo el plan según lo planeado. (We are going to carry out the plan as planned.)
  6. Ella lleva puesta una camiseta roja. (She is wearing a red t-shirt.)
  7. Llevamos consigo los recuerdos de nuestro viaje. (We take the memories of our trip with us.)
  8. Llevaré adelante este proyecto sin problemas. (I will carry this project forward without any issues.)
  9. El río lleva mucha agua después de la lluvia. (The river carries a lot of water after the rain.)
  10. Lleva a su hermana pequeña de la mano. (He/She is holding his/her little sister’s hand.)

Llevar Present Indicative

Llevar Preterite Indicative

Llevar Imperfect Indicative

Llevar Future Indicative

Llevar Periphrastic Future Indicative

Llevar Conditional Indicative

Llevar Present Progressive/Gerund Form

Llevar Past Participle

The past participle of “llevar” is “llevado,” used to form compound tenses like the present perfect.

Llevar Present Subjunctive

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Llevar Imperfect Subjunctive

Llevar Imperative


Mastering the conjugation of the Spanish verb “llevar” opens the doors to a vast range of expressions, allowing you to convey possession, transport, and wearing actions with ease. Embrace the dynamic nature of “llevar” and incorporate it into your everyday conversations to enhance your Spanish language journey significantly. ¡Adelante! (Go ahead!)

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