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Spanish Verb Llegar Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, Example Sentences

Spanish Verb Llegar Conjugation

In this article, I am going to explain the Spanish verb Llegar Conjugation, Llegar synonyms, Example Sentences with Llegar, Antonyms for Llegar, meaning and translation.

In the realm of Spanish verbs, “llegar” takes center stage as it captures the essence of the journey and the act of “arriving.”

This versatile verb not only denotes physical arrivals at a destination but also encompasses the idea of reaching a particular state or point in time.

Whether it’s arriving at a dream destination, reaching a goal, or simply being present in the moment, “llegar” holds the power to convey the concept of arrival in all its forms.

In this blog post, we will delve into the various conjugations of “llegar,” allowing you to embrace the beauty of arrival in the Spanish language.

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Origin and History of Llegar

The Spanish verb “llegar” traces its roots back to the Latin word “lēgāre,” which means “to bring” or “to hand over.” Over time, “llegar” evolved, taking on the meaning of “to arrive” or “to reach.” Throughout history, this versatile verb has played a crucial role in communication, allowing individuals to express the act of reaching a particular place, moment, or achievement.

What is the Meaning of Llegar?

“Llegar” is a powerful verb that primarily translates to “to arrive” or “to reach.” It encompasses the idea of physically reaching a destination, as well as metaphorically reaching a goal or milestone. “Llegar” signifies the completion of a journey or the attainment of a desired outcome, capturing the sense of accomplishment that comes with arrival.

Real-World Examples

Example 1: Llegar a casa después del trabajo

One of the most common uses of “llegar” is when we arrive at home after work. “Llegar a casa después del trabajo” allows us to express the relief and satisfaction of returning to our personal sanctuary at the end of a long day.

Example 2: Llegar a la cima de una montaña

Reaching the summit of a mountain is a remarkable achievement. “Llegar a la cima de una montaña” embodies the physical and emotional journey of climbing and finally arriving at the top, experiencing a sense of triumph and awe.

List of Synonyms for Llegar

  1. Arribar (to arrive)
  2. Alcanzar (to reach)
  3. Lograr (to achieve)
  4. Llegarse (to come)
  5. Aparecer (to appear)
  6. Llevar (to take)
  7. Ingresar (to enter)
  8. Lanzar (to launch)
  9. Culminar (to culminate)
  10. Conseguir (to get)

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Sentences including Llegar

  1. Llegué temprano a la reunión para asegurarme de encontrar un buen lugar. (I arrived early to the meeting to make sure I find a good spot.)
  2. ¿Cuándo llegas al aeropuerto? Necesito recogerte. (When do you arrive at the airport? I need to pick you up.)
  3. Los niños llegaron a la fiesta emocionados y listos para divertirse. (The children arrived at the party excited and ready to have fun.)
  4. Llegaremos a nuestro destino de vacaciones mañana por la mañana. (We will arrive at our vacation destination tomorrow morning.)
  5. No puedo esperar para llegar a la playa y relajarme bajo el sol. (I can’t wait to get to the beach and relax under the sun.)
  6. Después de un largo viaje en auto, por fin llegamos a la ciudad. (After a long car journey, we finally arrived in the city.)
  7. Si estudias mucho, llegarás lejos en la vida. (If you study hard, you will go far in life.)
  8. Llegaré tarde a la cita debido al tráfico. (I will arrive late to the appointment due to traffic.)
  9. El paquete que ordené en línea acaba de llegar a mi puerta. (The package I ordered online just arrived at my doorstep.)
  10. Llegaron a un acuerdo mutuo después de largas negociaciones. (They reached a mutual agreement after long negotiations.)

Llegar Present Indicative

Llegar Preterite Indicative

Llegar Imperfect Indicative

Llegar Future Indicative

Llegar Periphrastic Future Indicative

Llegar Conditional Indicative

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Llegar Present Progressive/Gerund Form

Llegar Past Participle

The past participle of “llegar” is “llegado,” used to form compound tenses like the present perfect.

Llegar Present Subjunctive

Llegar Imperfect Subjunctive

Llegar Imperative


With the conjugations of “llegar” at your fingertips, you have gained the ability to express the act of arriving, both in physical and metaphorical senses. As you continue your journey in learning Spanish, embrace the power of “llegar” to convey moments of accomplishment, milestones, and the excitement of reaching new destinations. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

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