Kitchen Equipment – 100+ Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary with Picture

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Kitchen Utensils with Picture! Here is a list of kitchen vocabulary words with illustrations. It doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world or the language you speak; the one thing that can unify people is food.

Therefore, should you decide to cook for an English or a non-English speaking person, it is important to be aware of the names of the different kitchen equipment you will find in the kitchen.

Understanding these kitchen utensils can not only aid you in communicating, but it can be extremely useful when making recipes, either through videos or writing. Here, you’ll learn how to identify the various accessories that are found in the kitchen.

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Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary in English

Today, we’ll discover the names of various kitchen equipment in English. If you’re passionate about cooking (or spend long hours in the kitchen for any other reason), It’s not a bad idea to know the name of your A to Z kitchen utensils in English.

Many kitchen utensils have names that are difficult to remember. But don’t worry! Here’s an image of equipment, and their pictures help you remember the kitchen accessories.

Baking dishMixer
Baking trayMixing bowl
Bin Mortar
Bottle openerNutcracker
Bread basketOven glove
Breadbox Pan
Butter dishParing knife
Butter knifePeeler
Cake slicerPepper mill
Can openerPerforated spoon
Casserole dishPestle
ChopperPie plate
Chopping boardPitcher (or jug) 
ChopsticksPizza cutter
CleaverPizza tray
CookerPotato masher
Cookie cuttersPotato peeler 
Cookware Pressure cooker
CupRegular spoon 
CutleryRolling pin
Cutting boardSalad spinner
Deep fryerSalt cellar
Dish rackSaucepan
Dishwasher Serving bowl
Egg slicerSieve
Food processorSkimmer
ForkSlotted spoon
Frying panSpice box
Garlic crusherSteak hammer
Garlic pressSteak knife
Gas stoveSteamer
Glass Stewpot/cooker
GraterStove cooker
Hot potStrainer
JarTea glass
JugTea maker
Kitchen counterThermos
Kitchen paperTimer
Kitchen scissorsTin opener
Kitchen shearsToaster
Kitchen towelTongs
Knife setTray
Lemon squeezerWashbasin
Measuring cupWok
Measuring spoonWooden spoon
Meat malletZester
Mesh skimmer
Table 1: Kitchen Equipment – 100+ Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary

Kitchen Utensils | Infographic

Infographics are an excellent method of conveying a lot of information in a short amount of time and in a way that is engaging. Kitchen Utensils infographics can assist both students and teachers to communicate their thoughts and showing how they are learning. Download kitchen utensils infographic worksheet.

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Kitchen Utensils | Flashcards

Kitchen Utensils flashcards are the most effective way for motivated learners to study and retain genuine experience, especially when the flashcards are used correctly. There are a variety of ways to use kitchen equipment flashcards while teaching kids. Select the one that teachers enjoy the most.

Thomas Sixt – A Top German Chef

Thomas Sixt has been a chef for over 30 years, and he is known as one of the best chefs and food photographer in Germany. He is using Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary to enhance his recipe website

The restaurant that he currently works at has received many awards, including 1 Michelin Star, which means it is considered to be one of the top restaurants in Germany. Thomas Sixt’s cooking style can be described as European with French influence. He uses fresh ingredients from local farms and tries to use as little processed food as possible when creating his recipes.

Thomas Sixt started working as a chef at the age of 15! After finishing high school, he went on to attend culinary school where he was able to hone his skills. Here are some Top German Chef Recipes:


Encourage your children to master these basic but often encountered Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary by following the simple example given above. Then, save this list about Kitchen Utensils names in English, handy for future use.

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Did you read these Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary words on the way? Which one do you read? Let us know if you have any question. We will gladly explain!

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  • Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary in English
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