Intense Synonyms, Antonyms, Example Sentences

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In this article, I am going to provide a list of Intense synonyms, another word for Intense, Example Sentences with Intense and Antonyms for Intense.

Intense is a word that carries a depth of meaning. It signifies a high degree of intensity, fervor, or strength. It’s the feeling you get during a thrilling movie, the concentration during a critical moment, or the passion in a deeply emotional conversation. Intensity captures the essence of powerful experiences and emotions, making it a word rich with significance.

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Source: English As A Second Language

Origin and History of “Intense”

The term intense traces its origins to the Latin word ‘intensus,’ which means ‘stretched tight’ or ‘stretched out.’ Over time, it evolved in both English and French, embodying the notion of concentrated force or extreme emotions.

Real-World Examples of Intense

  1. The intense gaze of the actor held the audience captive, conveying more than words ever could.
  2. The intense heat of the desert sun made every step a challenge, emphasizing the harshness of the environment.

List of Intense Synonyms (Another Word for Intense)

Here is the list of Intense Synonyms:

  • Fierce: Exhibiting strong, powerful, or violent intensity.
  • Passionate: Showing intense, ardent feelings or emotions.
  • Piercing: Extremely sharp or intense, often describing looks or sounds.
  • Profound: Having deep meaning or significance, often related to emotions or experiences.
  • Eager: Marked by enthusiastic or fervent desire or interest.
  • Keen: Intensely sharp, vivid, or strong.
  • Ardent: Displaying intense devotion, enthusiasm, or passion.
  • Vivid: Strikingly bright or intense, often used to describe colors or memories.
  • Zealous: Filled with intense enthusiasm or fervor for a cause.
  • Searing: Extremely intense or harsh, often used to describe pain or heat.

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List of Antonyms for Intense

Here is the list of of opposite words for Intense:

  • Mild: Lacking in force, strength, or severity; gentle or calm.
  • Subdued: Quiet and rather reflective; lacking intensity or flamboyance.
  • Moderate: Kept within reasonable or fair limits; not excessive or extreme.
  • Calm: Not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions.
  • Tranquil: Free from disturbance or turmoil; serene and peaceful.
  • Dull: Lacking brightness, vividness, or intensity; not sharp or clear.
  • Lethargic: Affected by lethargy; sluggish and apathetic.
  • Muted: Toned down or softened, lacking intensity or brightness.

Example Sentences with Intense

Here is a list of example sentences with Intense:

  1. Her smile held an intense warmth that instantly put people at ease.
  2. The intense aroma of freshly baked bread filled the entire neighborhood.
  3. Their eyes met in an intense moment of unspoken understanding.
  4. The suspense in the room was almost intense, everyone waiting for the verdict.
  5. His dedication to his craft was truly intense, evident in every brushstroke.
  6. The storm raged with intense fury, shaking the very foundations of the house.
  7. The intense focus in her eyes never wavered, even in the midst of chaos.
  8. The flavor of the spices was intense, leaving a lingering taste on the palate.
  9. Every note from the violin was played with intense passion, moving the audience.
  10. The intense silence before the announcement seemed to stretch into eternity.
  11. The colors of the sunset were so intense, they seemed almost surreal.
  12. The intense loyalty of the dog to its owner was a heartwarming sight.
  13. The atmosphere in the room was intense, filled with anticipation and nervous energy.
  14. The intense pain in his eyes told a story of struggles endured silently.
  15. Her laughter was intense, infectious, filling the room with joy.

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Recap of what we just learned

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In the tapestry of life, moments of intense emotions and experiences are the threads that weave the most vivid memories. Whether it’s the intense beauty of nature, the intense love in a relationship, or the intense determination to achieve a goal, these moments shape who we are. Embracing the intense aspects of life allows us to fully appreciate its depth and complexity, making every moment a meaningful part of our journey.

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