Intended Synonyms, Antonyms, Example Sentences

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‘Intended’ is a term that denotes a deliberate or planned action, conveying the idea that something is meant or designed for a specific purpose. When we use the term ‘intended,’ we are referring to actions or outcomes that were consciously planned or foreseen. In this blog post, we will explore the origin and history of the word ‘intended,’ provide real-world examples, and compile a comprehensive list of synonyms and antonyms to showcase the various expressions used to convey planned or deliberate actions.

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Origin and History of “Intended”

The word ‘intended’ finds its roots in the Latin word ‘intendere,’ where ‘in-‘ means ‘toward’ or ‘against,’ and ‘tendere’ means ‘to stretch’ or ‘to aim.’ In its early usage, ‘intendere’ signified a stretching of the mind or attention toward a particular goal or purpose. Over time, the word ‘intended’ emerged in Middle English, maintaining its essence of signifying actions or outcomes that are deliberately planned or directed toward a specific goal.

Real-World Examples of Intended

  1. Intended Use of a Tool: A clear example of the term ‘intended’ can be seen in the usage instructions for tools. For instance, a hammer is designed for the intended purpose of driving nails into surfaces. Using the hammer for a different purpose, such as a pry bar, may result in damage and is contrary to its intended use.
  2. Intended Message in Communication: In communication, conveying an intended message is crucial. When crafting an email or a public statement, ensuring that the words and tone align with the intended meaning helps prevent misunderstandings. A misinterpreted message may lead to unintended consequences.

List of Intended Synonyms (Another Word for Intended)

Here is the list of Intended Synonyms:

  • Planned: Deliberately designed or arranged in advance; intended.
  • Projected: Planned or scheduled for the future; intended outcome.
  • Proposed: Suggested or put forward for consideration; intended for approval.
  • Conceived: Formulated or devised in the mind; intended idea.
  • Envisaged: Contemplated or visualized as a future possibility; intended vision.
  • Prearranged: Organized or set up in advance; intended arrangement.
  • Purposeful: Showing determination and resolve; with a clear intended purpose.
  • Deliberate: Done consciously and intentionally; with intended foresight.
  • Calculated: Planned with careful consideration; based on intended calculations.
  • Foreseen: Predicted or anticipated beforehand; intended expectation.

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List of Antonyms for Intended

Here is the list of of opposite words for Intended:

  • Unplanned: Not premeditated or arranged in advance; opposite of intended.
  • Accidental: Happening by chance or without deliberate intent; unintended.
  • Random: Occurring without a specific pattern or purpose; opposite of intended design.
  • Unforeseen: Not anticipated or predicted; opposite of intended expectation.
  • Spontaneous: Arising naturally or without external influence; not intended in advance.
  • Unexpected: Not expected or anticipated; opposite of intended foresight.
  • Haphazard: Lacking order or planning; opposite of intended organization.
  • Serendipitous: Occurring by chance in a happy or beneficial way; unintended.
  • Unpredicted: Not foretold or forecasted; opposite of intended prediction.
  • Unintended: Not meant or planned; opposite of intended purpose.

Example Sentences with Intended

Here is a list of example sentences with Intended:

  1. The project’s timeline was carefully intended to meet the client’s deadline.
  2. The architect discussed the intended design elements with the client.
  3. The speaker clarified the intended meaning behind the ambiguous statement.
  4. Despite the team’s efforts, the software produced an intended error.
  5. The artist described the inspiration behind the intended brushstroke technique.
  6. The email conveyed the intended urgency of the upcoming meeting.
  7. The chef explained the intended flavor profile of the dish to the kitchen staff.
  8. The signage clearly indicated the intended exit for drivers on the highway.
  9. The inventor presented the intended functionality of the groundbreaking invention.
  10. The teacher asked students to identify the intended theme of the poem.
  11. The contract outlined the intended scope of work for the construction project.
  12. The marketing campaign aimed to reach the intended target audience.
  13. The author discussed the intended impact of the novel on readers.
  14. The software update included fixes to address the intended glitches.
  15. The survey sought feedback on the intended improvements to the service.

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‘Intended’ encapsulates the essence of deliberate planning and conscious foresight in various aspects of life. Synonyms and antonyms offer a spectrum of expressions to convey the diverse ways we describe actions or outcomes that are planned or unintended. Recognizing and aligning with the intended purpose ensures clarity and effectiveness in communication, design, and execution.

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