Intelligent Synonyms, Antonyms, Example Sentences

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In this article, I am going to provide a list of Intelligent synonyms, another word for Intelligent, Example Sentences with Intelligent and Antonyms for Intelligent.

Intelligent, a word teeming with intellectual prowess, signifies the capacity for understanding, learning, and applying knowledge. An intelligent person exhibits keen reasoning and problem-solving abilities, making them adept at grasping complex concepts swiftly. For instance, an intelligent scientist formulates innovative theories, unraveling mysteries of the universe with profound wisdom.

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Origin and History of “Intelligent”

The term intelligent finds its roots in the Latin word intelligentia, which translates to “understanding” or “comprehension.” Throughout centuries, intelligence has been celebrated and revered across diverse cultures. From ancient philosophers to modern scholars, the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual acumen has been a driving force in human progress.

Real-World Examples of Intelligent

1. The intelligent chess player anticipated his opponent’s moves, strategizing several steps ahead, securing a decisive victory. In this example, intelligent highlights the player’s foresight, analytical skills, and strategic thinking, demonstrating intellectual brilliance in the game of chess.

2. The intelligent AI algorithm swiftly processed vast data sets, identifying patterns crucial for scientific research. Here, intelligent emphasizes the algorithm’s ability to comprehend intricate data, enabling scientists to accelerate their research endeavors.

List of Intelligent Synonyms (Another Word for Intelligent)

Here is the list of Intelligent Synonyms:

  • Clever: Demonstrating quick-wittedness and ingenuity, often used for individuals who devise inventive solutions to challenges.
  • Astute: Signifying sharp perception and discernment, often used for individuals who possess acute observational skills.
  • Sagacious: Representing profound wisdom and sound judgment, often used for individuals esteemed for their insightful decisions.
  • Bright: Denoting high intelligence and mental agility, often used for individuals who excel in intellectual pursuits.
  • Perceptive: Highlighting keen awareness and understanding, often used for individuals who grasp subtle nuances easily.

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List of Antonyms for Intelligent

Here is the list of of opposite words for Intelligent:

  • Ignorant: Signifying lack of knowledge or awareness, often used for individuals who lack information or understanding about specific subjects.
  • Dull-witted: Representing slow mental processes and limited understanding, often used for individuals who struggle with grasping concepts.
  • Unsophisticated: Denoting simplicity and lack of refinement, often used for individuals who lack experience or exposure to diverse ideas.
  • Naive: Highlighting innocence and lack of worldly wisdom, often used for individuals who are easily deceived due to lack of experience.
  • Unintelligent: Referring to below-average intelligence or lack of cognitive abilities, often used for individuals who struggle with intellectual tasks.

Example Sentences with Intelligent

Here is a list of example sentences with Intelligent:

  1. The intelligent student aced the challenging exam effortlessly.
  2. His intelligent remarks during the debate showcased his deep understanding of the topic.
  3. The intelligent investor predicted the market trends accurately.
  4. An intelligent approach to problem-solving involves considering multiple perspectives.
  5. The intelligent design of the software impressed users worldwide.
  6. She demonstrated intelligent reasoning in her scientific research paper.
  7. The intelligent dialogue in the novel captivated readers’ minds.
  8. The intelligent use of resources maximized efficiency in the project.
  9. The intelligent artist infused profound meaning into her paintings.
  10. Intelligent machines revolutionize various industries, enhancing productivity.
  11. The intelligent navigation system guided travelers seamlessly.
  12. An intelligent decision-making process considers long-term consequences.
  13. Intelligent leaders inspire others with their innovative ideas.
  14. The intelligent conversation at the conference sparked new collaborations.
  15. Intelligent solutions address complex problems with simplicity and clarity.

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Recap of what we just learned

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In a world driven by innovation and discovery, being intelligent is a beacon of light illuminating the path to progress. With synonyms like clever, astute, and sagacious, intelligence takes various forms, enriching our lives and shaping the future. Embracing brilliance and continuous learning, individuals and societies can navigate the complexities of the modern world, fostering a legacy of wisdom and enlightenment.

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