Incredibly Synonyms, Antonyms, Example Sentences

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In this article, I am going to provide a list of Incredibly synonyms, another word for Incredibly, Example Sentences with Incredibly and Antonyms for Incredibly.

Incredibly signifies something that is unbelievably, extraordinarily, or exceptionally remarkable. It emphasizes the astonishing or surprising nature of an event, situation, or quality. For instance, the magician’s performance was incredibly mesmerizing, leaving the audience in awe of his skills.

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Origin and History of “Incredibly”

The word incredibly finds its roots in Middle English, derived from the Latin word incredibilis, meaning “not to be believed.” Over centuries, it has evolved to convey the sense of something being so extraordinary that it challenges belief or expectation.

Real-World Examples of Incredibly

1. The athlete’s sprint in the final moments of the race was incredibly fast, breaking the previous record. In this example, incredibly highlights the exceptional speed of the athlete’s sprint, showcasing a performance that exceeded all expectations.

2. The transformation of the barren land into a lush garden was incredibly beautiful, a testament to nature’s resilience. Here, incredibly emphasizes the surprising and breathtaking beauty of the garden’s transformation, defying the initial barrenness of the land.

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List of Incredibly Synonyms (Another Word for Incredibly)

Here is the list of Incredibly Synonyms:

  • Astoundingly: To a surprising or astonishing degree; suggests something that leaves people in awe or wonder.
  • Remarkably: In a way that is worthy of attention or notice; signifies something that stands out due to its exceptional nature.
  • Exceedingly: To a very great degree; emphasizes the surpassing or going beyond what is ordinary or usual.
  • Unbelievably: In a manner that is difficult to accept as true; conveys the sense of something that challenges belief or credulity.
  • Astonishingly: In a manner that causes great surprise or amazement; suggests something that is shocking or astounding.

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List of Antonyms for Incredibly

Here is the list of of opposite words for Incredibly:

  • Ordinarily: In a usual or normal manner; denotes something that is typical, common, or expected.
  • Predictably: In a way that can be anticipated or foreseen; signifies something that occurs in a regular or expected pattern.
  • Commonly: In a manner that is ordinary or familiar; suggests something that is prevalent or frequently encountered.
  • Regularly: In a consistent or habitual manner; emphasizes the frequency or regular occurrence of something.
  • Naturally: In a manner that is in accordance with the natural order; conveys the sense of something that happens as a matter of course.

Example Sentences with Incredibly

Here is a list of example sentences with Incredibly:

  1. The sunset over the ocean was incredibly vibrant, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink.
  2. Her ability to memorize complex formulas was incredibly impressive, earning her the top spot in the mathematics competition.
  3. The artist’s attention to detail was incredibly meticulous, creating lifelike portraits that seemed to breathe.
  4. The acrobat’s balance on the tightrope was incredibly precise, captivating the entire audience.
  5. The mountain climber’s determination was incredibly inspiring, motivating others to conquer their fears.
  6. The technology’s speed was incredibly fast, revolutionizing the way people accessed information.
  7. The orchestra’s performance was incredibly moving, evoking deep emotions in everyone present.
  8. The chef’s culinary skills were incredibly creative, blending unique flavors in exquisite dishes.
  9. The scientist’s discoveries were incredibly groundbreaking, reshaping the understanding of the universe.
  10. The dancer’s flexibility was incredibly impressive, allowing for mesmerizing and graceful movements.
  11. The author’s storytelling was incredibly captivating, keeping readers hooked until the last page.
  12. The innovation’s impact was incredibly far-reaching, transforming multiple industries.
  13. The marathon runner’s endurance was incredibly remarkable, completing the race despite challenging conditions.
  14. The teamwork displayed by the volunteers was incredibly harmonious, achieving a common goal effortlessly.
  15. The garden’s beauty was incredibly enchanting, attracting visitors from all around the world.

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Recap of what we just learned

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Incredibly, as a word, embodies the essence of awe-inspiring and extraordinary experiences. It represents moments and achievements that surpass ordinary boundaries, leaving a lasting impression on those who witness or encounter them. Embracing synonyms like astoundingly, remarkably, and astonishingly enriches our language, enabling us to articulate the astonishing wonders of the world around us. While opposites like ordinarily and predictably ground us in the familiar, the realm of the incredibly invites us to explore the limitless potential of human endeavor and natural beauty.

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